Uproar Over Winky D's PHD Ministries Performance

Uproar Over Winky D's PHD Ministries Performance

Jun 18, 2019, 02:22 PM

As Prophet Passion Java continues to leave countless tongues wagging with a lifestyle that hardly portrays usual clerics’ humble characters, another prophet and founder of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries, Walter Magaya has stolen a leaf from the former.  

There is an ongoing uproar on social media following Zimdancehall kingpin, Winky D’s performance at PHD Ministries over the weekend.

Although it is not entirely odd of Magaya to host secular artists on a religious pulpit as he has in the past invited the likes of Killer T, Alick Macheso and Soul Jah Love among others, Winky D’s performance is proof that the cleric will stick to this trajectory.

The development even attracted the attention of some secular artists, namely Nox who, though being a secular musician did not subscribe to the idea of such artists performing on religious platforms.


Kuchechi uku koitwa yese yese


Ska na prophet java havana kumbosiyana..kungoti java havanze hake anozvitira pmhene…so zvopindirana papi manje music ye dancehall muchurch 😂😂😂😂 these your prophets..kutsvaga mari chete uku cz chero vahedeni vakatongonzwa kuti thr z winky vanoenda….KUDENGA KUCHANAKIDXA MIRAI MUONE

Prophet Walter Magaya (left) greeting Zimdancehall singer Winky D (right) during his performance.

Vanhu vakaziva kuti church imba yaMwari zvese izvi hazvimboitika muchurch mungaita semubhawa here veduwe🤦‍♀️

Although a bulk of the social media jury criticized the development, Magaya had a camp backing his move saying it is not a taboo for a secular artist to perform on a church platform.


each and every person on birth,God gave a gift and with that gift you will make a living,that gift opens doors for you at economic,political or social level regardless of the content or manner used in the gift.there is completely wrong in winky singing in church,because he is using the GIFT which God gave him to use,so,wherever the Gift manifest whether in church,bhawa or parank yemabhazi ekwamutoko it doesn’t matter.PHD has been known for supporting local talent for the youth to make a living from sports,small business and music,there is nothing wrong in supporting music.


Zvinebasa rei zvekuti Winky D Ayimba ku PHD ministries ma Zimbo you major the minor aftr all it was a father’s day celebration musangoda kushora zvisinabasa

We are a little conflicted on this one, what do you think?

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Lemuel Chekai

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