Zodwa And Her Act Of Kindness

Zodwa And Her Act Of Kindness

Aug 08, 2019, 02:45 PM

There is a reason why Zodwa Wabantu is the people's person. Everybody just loves her for her personality and especially her dancing. She recently announced that she is giving away several pairs of Steve Madden shoes! These are designer shoes y'all.

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We love it when our celebs take the time to give back. The reality TV star made the announcement on social media on Wednesday; much to the delight of many of her female fans.

But, there's just one catch. The designer shoes have been chewed up by Lisa!

"My dog loves your shoes but it's killin me. Sometimes it's not the same shoe. I'm giving away these shoes," she captioned the funny clip.
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Zodwa's dog really knows how to spot expensive stuff and take it for a bone.

Find out the many times, Lisa has had us in stitches and other celebs that are giving back.

Lately, Zodwa had been making the headlines and this was all because of her wedding and then partner, Ntobeko. The two seemed to be so much in love, with them preparing for the wedding and all. It seems it only lasted for a short while till Zodwa let the public know that the wedding is off. Then in a twist of events, Zodwa came back to say she wants half her lobola money back from Ntobeko. Tjoo! The drama never ends with these two. We hope they are able to find an amicable solution to this whole mess.

Since announcing that she is giving away some shoes, Zodwa made no mention of how fans can get a hold of the stunning shoes so fans will have to stay tuned or reach out on social media.

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