Will Adiona & Crew Pull It Off In OPW ZIM?

Will Adiona & Crew Pull It Off In OPW ZIM?

Apr 23, 2019, 07:09 PM

The first episode of the much anticipated Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) Zimbabwe hit the screens on DStv’s Zambezi Magic on Thursday last week but the production does not sit well with many.

When the episode premiered at Ster Kinekor Sam Levy’s Village on Wednesday last week, there were halfhearted cheers that were made by people in the packed cinema and this proved to us that we were not the only ones who felt the local production had failed to match the South African standard, from which the concept is borrowed.

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The rule of thumb is that when a prototype already exists any other individual who tries to follow suit must to a greater extent stick to the template.

This is true for productions such as Idols and The Voice, amongst many others. In all other countries where they run the shows they are run similarly to the American models.

Unfortunately though, the roughly 50 minute long OPW Zimbabwe debut episode lacked the razzmatazz associated with OPW South Africa.

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The Ngoda TV team who are the producers of the debut season which is now left with 12 more episodes produced a very dull product.

Local weddings no matter where the families are from, always have energy and that is one factor the was lacking in this episode.

However, whilst that can be improved in future episodes probably by getting a more animated cast, the major challenge is whether the presenter, Adiona Chidzonga can up the ante in the coming shows.

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Because we are used to OPW South Africa, one would have expected that she would be as bubbly as her colleagues from Mzansi but she is just too phlegmatic. 
If she lacks the energy from the onset viewers might easily switch off and move on to the next channel, meaning that this entire season will be a flop. 
The question now is can she rise to the occasion in the next episodes alongside her entire production team? 

We will know Thursday evening when the second episode of the show will be broadcast.

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