Are Soul Jah Love And Zoey In Love?

Are Soul Jah Love And Zoey In Love?

Apr 16, 2019, 03:15 PM

Lately the Zim dancehall chanter and the exotic dancer Zoey Sifelani have been spotted together at different places all cuddly and touchy in forbidden areas. Everyone is wondering if cupid has cast his arrow their way.

The two who were rumoured to have a platonic relationship following a picture of them wearing matching white clothes which circulated the internet are now regular patrons at places like Gaza Base in Mbare.         

A fresh picture of Soul Jah Love hugging her from behind has surfaced and this time it looks like it was taken on a back yard, they looked so casual and not dressed for the limelight. 

Credit: Instagram

At the Zimdancehall versus Sungura football tournament at Dzivarasekwa Stadium the dramatic Soul Jah Love made a grand entrance arm in arm with who might be his new “ Mai Serani” the pet name that he used to call his ex-wife although in one of his stoned state backstage at one of his shows he absent mindedly called her Bounty Zoey.

Zoey a mother of one who is celebrating her 30th birthday on 24 April is famous for running a sex school where she teaches women how to please men in bed and she still is one of the most sought after dancers who has broken ground in other nations.

The Zimbabwe Dancers Association recently recognized her contribution to the arts industry by honoring her with an achievement award.

On the other hand Soul Jah Love once had a Romeo and Juliet love affair with his ex-wife Bounty Lisa. They had a nasty break up after he badly assaulted her. 

The people in his circles allege that he is sensitive about discussing anything to do with Bounty Lisa after that he does not want to hear her name. 

If it turns out to be correct that they are dating the question on everyone’s tongue is, will Zoey be able to handle the chanter’s brutality that made Bounty Lisa abandon him as well as openly taking forbidden substances in public places which might be the cause of his rowdy behavior.

Who knows, they might be following the footsteps of Olinda and Tytan or the newly engaged Nox.

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