Prophet Passion Drags Oscar Pambuka

Prophet Passion Drags Oscar Pambuka

Jun 10, 2019, 12:36 PM

Prophet Passion is well known for throwing shade. Recently he attacked Ginimbi and asked people not to compare him with Ginimbi as he is a rural boy.

This time Prophet Passion has gone viral after posting a video of his opinion on Oscar Pambuka and his recent announcement that he is now a prophet.

In the video Prophet Passion Java said, “KuZimbabwe kune nzara ,vanhu Havana mabasa. Munhu haumuke uchinzi prophet ,unozvarwa uri prophet .Saka inzara ,kushaya mabasa kuZimbabwe,”

(Zimbabwe has been hit by hard times. People don't have jobs. You can't just wake up one day and decide to be a prophet, prophets are born not made. This is a result of hunger and unemployment).

He went on to advise Pambuka to go and record Zimdancehall music and earn a living out of that rather than claiming to be a prophet.

Take a look at the video below:

Instagram embed

Oscar Pambuka has been facing a lot of criticism since he came out publicly and announced that God has called him to become a prophet which all happened while he was taking a bath.

This is hard for many people to believe since he is known for being controversial, remember his support for marijuana citing that the use of Mbanje was not bad but one’s behaviour and interaction to others is the one to be judged.

Who knows, maybe Oscar Pambuka, who is fresh out of jail after being sentenced for fraud, might be turning a new leaf.

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Main Image Credits:Instagram @PassionJava
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Kuda Ruwende

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