Pambuka Says God Visited Him While Bathing

Pambuka Says God Visited Him While Bathing

Jun 05, 2019, 12:54 PM

Controversial ex-Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) news anchor, Oscar Pambuka who now claims to be a prophet and has founded Oscar Pambuka Ministries, says he realized his calling when God visited him while bathing.

Pambuka raised eyebrows after announcing on Facebook that his followers should start referring to him as Prophet Pambuka. Many questioned Pambuka’s genuineness amid a fraud case that is still in courts, possible cash problems and his lifestyle and conduct on social media that is nowhere close to a Godly man’s character.

But in an interview with PowerFM yesterday, Pambuka said it does not take time for a person to repent and it is sad that people are focusing on his past instead of a transformed Pambuka.

“It does not take time for one to repent, If God visits me right now, things that I did two minutes ago do not matter anymore. People are too busy looking at the biblical Saul side of me which is unfortunate because I am now Paul,” said Pambuka.

He added that God visited him while he was bathing and instructed him to take the path he is on now. 

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“God visited me while I was bathing and he told me to take the path I am on now. My sole mission is to get people back to reading the word of God and do as what He said in the bible. I am here to proclaim God’s will to the people,” he said.

Pambuka also rubbished speculation that his ministry is a money making scheme stating that he will not call for his followers to bring cash to church.

“No! I am not doing this for money, I work for myself. Not at any point will I demand congregates to bring cash to church. Those who feel like giving will bring their gifts in kind, not cash,” he said.

Pambuka said he had a successful first service on Sunday which had over 50 congregants.

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Lemuel Chekai

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