Outrage Over New Warriors' Kits

Outrage Over New Warriors' Kits

May 16, 2019, 03:08 PM

There is outrage on social media over the new Zimbabwe national soccer teams' kit that was unveiled today in the capital.

However, tempers may have spiralled for no reason as what circulated as the official kit was later indicated to be the Limited edition.

Below are pictures of the Limited Editions, Home, Away and Alternative kits, and reactions to the Limited Edition kits.

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The first Limited Edition kit.

The second Limited Edition kit.

The official Warriors' kit. (yellow jersey-home kit, green jersey-away kit and white-alternative kit.

Official Home kit.

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Umbro is the official sponsor and designer of the jerseys.

The jury is still out on our opinion but things don't look promising. What are your thoughts?

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Main Image Credit: ZiFM

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