Oliver Mtukudzi's Last Words To Daughter Selmor

Oliver Mtukudzi's Last Words To Daughter Selmor

Sep 23, 2019, 09:55 AM

Afro-jazz songstress Selmor Mtukudzi' acceptance speech when she was appointed brand ambassador for Impala Car Rental, left occupants in the room reminiscing about the greatness that ever lived, her father legendary Oliver Mtukudzi.

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Selmor detailed how the words were relayed to her by her late father. In her acceptance speech she said:

“On my last visit to my daddy it was a week before he passed, he said to me zvedu isu zvinononoka asi zvinozoita chete (perseverance pays off). Looking back now I think he knew he was not going to be around much longer. He was just encouraging us to keep working hard." 

These were the last words from her father when she visited him at his Norton residence before her international tour at the States. She had to cancel that tour after the news of her fathers death in January this year.

The songbird worked with Impala Car Rental company for some months on the low. She thanked Impala Car Rental for recognizing the potential in her and has promised to excel in her duties. Her hopes are to grow her brand with an already established brand.

“I am greatly humbled that Impala Car Rental would see me as a worthy brand to associate with theirs. I cannot wait to start working with them,” she said in another interview.

The promoter of the company Thompson Dondo had said that they picked the songstress because of her high level of professionalism. This will also be a three-year ambassadorial deal which will be renewed after the third year lapses.

The company is looking to establish a relationship that will benefit both parties as they will be paying for her album productions and music videos.

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