New Beef Alert: Vimbai Zimuto vs Kikky BadA$$

New Beef Alert: Vimbai Zimuto vs Kikky BadA$$

May 28, 2019, 02:52 PM

  • Rising hip-hop talent Kikky BadAss real name Christabelle Mahlungwa has come under fire for claiming that controversial artist Vimbai Zimuto hijacked her ideas and visions.

Commenting on Instagram following an announcement by an online media organisation of Vimbai Zimuto's new project, Kikky wrote, "Finally not stealing other people’s directions and vision."

This did not sit well with most women including socialite, Zuva Habane who rubbished Kikky's claims saying nakedness never started nor will it end with her.

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@kikkybadassha? But you stole cardi b’s back naked shot and put in your video. Money video ... Cardi sat naked on a piano seat and shot her ass from the back . Fast forward to your video sitting on the bed ...sis 😹😹 not today ...bless you... get off Vimbai’s d*ck

  • @bossbabe_emmanuelle well she wasting her time being jealous there is enough room for everybody in this industry. I like them both but i’ll be damned before somebody clam Sh*t that she don’t own. So kiki boo boo calm down and moisturize ya badass mese muri mbavha

  • studentofthegame_zw
    @kikkybadass ndiwe watanga kushama here iwe,tibvire uko dai ana Cardi nanaNicki vaidayi munoti kune kwavaisvika here.. mind your turusi woita twako uri zii ,,chero akakubira she might have done it the best way than you...hakusi kuba futi kukopa and in real life asingakope idofo nekuti ukaona pane idea unoitisa mari wotokopa woitawo bag#secure the bag @vimbai_zimuto

  • Although Kikky was quick to respond in  denial of ever copying anyone, it was  not enough to outdo the word-damage Habane was imposing. 

  • kikkybadass@zuvahabanedon’t be delusional babe check the dates . Cardi B money production is way after 2017 . My video was shot 2017 January and released June 2017. 🤗 Love and light . Unlike some people when I find inspiration somewhere I acknowledge it.

zuvahabane@kikkybadassoh I’m relaxed mami ndirikukuona hangu ndichiyeva your hard work , you see unlike some chics Ini I don’t pull another woman down, unless I’m fixing her crooked crown, I won’t touch it ! Saka apa urikureva kuti wakatangira @iamcardib in shooting that back shot and it’s a coincidence that your entire video looks like a cheap version of #cardibmoney ? In that case sorry let me shut my unimportant opinions

KikkyBadass was definitely not ready for the virtual beating she got from Zuva. But should Kikky take it pesonal that other artists are 'borrowing' her ideas? After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

As far as the fight goes, it is one-nill in favour of team Zimuto.

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Lemuel Chekai

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