Wadyajena: I Became A Millionaire In My 20s

Wadyajena: I Became A Millionaire In My 20s

Jun 13, 2019, 01:08 PM

Gokwe Nembudziya legislator, Justice Mayor Wadyajena who recently acquired for himself a high-end Lamborghini Urus which has dominated online and street conversations since touching down on Robert Mugabe International Airport earlier this week, has broken his silence saying there is nothing outstanding about his acquisition of the 2018 SUV Italian make.

Wadyajena made the remarks on Twitter where he disclosed that the US$210 000 price tag that people pinned on the machine is just but half of the total amount he paid for its acquisition. 

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“Great work on the investigative journalism Cde @Mathuthu & delivered with lightning speed. You’re every bit as good as they say you are. 1 correction on $210k, you’d have to double that!” he said.

He also added that he became a millionaire in his 20s and that he legitimately acquired the Lamborghini through hard work.

“I became a Milli in my early 20s, that yellow super machine is hard earned, legitimately too!” wrote Wadyajena.

He also woke up today sharing pictures of his latest acquisition, just a day after his fall out in parliament with Norton legislator Temba Mliswa. Yesterday, Mliswa questioned how Wadyajena was able to legitimately make such a huge purchase when the country is running with the mantra austerity for prosperity.

Captioning today’s post, Wadyajena shared a few tips on how he finally got to where he is now. 

He wrote; “Sometimes it takes longer than we expect, but loyalty, truth, passion and hard work always win. Through it all, don’t stop - keep going, take responsibility and never blame others for your failures or troubles!”

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Lemuel Chekai

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