Umhlobo Wenene Not Playing Zahara's Music?

Umhlobo Wenene Not Playing Zahara's Music?

Aug 14, 2019, 03:00 PM

Ever since we got to hear the Loliwe hit maker on the airwaves, we've never stopped playing her music. However, of late it's been discovered that Zahara is receiving some hate from the radio station, Umhlobo Wenene,  and that is now getting the attention it deserves. She has received a number of questions from her fans who have noticed that Umhlobo Wenene has stopped playing her music.

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While she was away on a two- month tour in the US and Canada, the station pulled the plug on her music and the fans were livid.

One fan tweeted: "It would very gqwirhy [witchy] of that one to influence music compilers at Umhlobo Wenene to not play Zahara’s music.

"That one" would be the station's DJ Amaza - who Zahara was engaged to - and later split from in November 2016. Apparently the station boycotted her music  because of their failed relationship. But Zahara has rubbished those rumours.

"He would never have a say on whether my music is played or not. He is a good man. He would never do such a thing. Besides, he would be in serious trouble if he did that," she told TshisaLIVE.

The SABC has launched an investigation to get to the bottom of things.

Zahara is by far one of the best artists in Africa and for the radio station to stop playing the music is a slap in the face. The SABC, hopefully will rectify this soon enough and have her back on the radio.

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