Enzo's Letter To His Late Mother

Enzo's Letter To His Late Mother

May 17, 2019, 01:00 PM

Award-winning Zimdancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall real name Stephen Mamhere, has poured out his heart in a letter directed to his late mother.

The letter captions a recent Instagram post that the Magate singer shared. The post holds the only memory and photo Enzo has of his mother.

Enzo Ishall's late mother.

"Mom, this is the only picture of you that I have, your sister kept it for me, now I know how you looked like, it is true what they say you were very beautiful," he wrote.

He spoke of how people describe her and how she spoke of Enzo as her pride and joy as her only child.

"They tell me u were intelligent and polite, they tell me you were ambitious and very strict. They also tell me that you always said that I was your everything, I was your pride and joy, for I was and I am your only child.

"Unfortunately, we did not have much time, I can't even remember your voice, it hurts but then again I cannot go against the will of God. Mom, I hope where ever u are you can see me, I hope you are proud," he said before owing all his achievements and successes to God in his corner. 

"I fought hard and I will keep fighting, God has been on my side. I have a lot to say enough to cover 16000 pages, if I carry on I won't finish so, for now, I will only state the most important. Mom, I love you, thank you for the love and care, thank you for being there and most importantly thank you for bringing me into this world Amai Kudzana," wrote Enzo as he wrapped his letter.

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Lemuel Chekai

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