Elikem Denies Using Ex Zim Fiancée

Elikem Denies Using Ex Zim Fiancée

Jun 04, 2019, 01:00 PM

Speculations are going around that Pokello Nare’s ex-husband Elikem dumped his Zim fiancée Edith Chibhamu after using her to finance his fashion business.

Many people accused the former big brother housemate of using Edith who is a well-known businesswoman for financing his business and lifestyle then later dumped her.

However, Elikem denied the allegations through his official Twitter account after asked by one of his followers if he dumped his ex-fiancee after using her and said that Edith indeed helped him to grow his business and even paid his rentals but he did not use her, their relationship was love based.

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He also said that he couldn’t refuse Edith’s offer to help him because it might have been God's help through another human being.

“No doubt that Edith came into my life and help came from her, she paid part of the rent for my East Legon flagship store, not to further my career though, and like every business, everyone needs a push and she offered to help, was I stupid to accept?”

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He added that he has built his own business and it's worth more than what he got from his ex-fiance.

He said, “What I’ve built in the last 6 years is worth much more than whatever amount you can think of and we are not together anymore but my work continues and continues in a greater light because of my hard work diligence and passion.”

“Put in some work too. And don't reject help. It may be from God through that human,” said Elikem.

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Edith is not the only businesswoman who have accused their ex of using them for financial gains, Olinda Chapel also accused her ex-husband Stunner of using her in financing his lifestyle and later on cheated on her.

Mai Gamu also accused Nox of using her for money yet he cheated on her with several other women.

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