Clive Malunga Looking For Talent

Clive Malunga Looking For Talent

May 06, 2019, 12:32 PM

Growing up, one of the most interesting music videos which had most people glued to their screens in amazement was Nesango a song by Chimurenga musician Clive Malunga. In the video Malunga depicted events that supposedly happened in the war as he described his journey in the war of liberation. The visuals of the song depicted a very strong character who was a guerilla and some unconfirmed reports about Malunga's personal life showed that he was indeed as Macho as shown in the video.

Fast forward to 2019, the Macho Chimurenga  has revealed that he is now into talent search for traditional dances.

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In an interview with the state broadcaster, Malunga revealed that he was working with the education ministry in talent searches and has been touring the East with the talented children.

He said, "I have been working with the Ministry of primary and secondary education in talent searches for traditional dancers. We have been touring countries like Korea and Japan in the east under the government's Look East Policy. The project has been successful so far."

The project is being run under the Jenaguru Arts Centre banner. Malunga also took time to explain how his Jenaguru Music Festival died down.

The Chimurenga artist said, "Professor Jonathan Moyo approached me and asked me not to hold the Jenaguru Music Festival so as to support the galas. I was put in an advisory board which included Olly Maruma and Tsitsi Dangarembga. We had done well in the music festival as we had managed to unite musicians. We had Leonard Zhakata and Thomas Mapfumo sharing the same stage. We brought Solomon Skuza from Plumtree. The festival did very well during its time."

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Malunga also said that he is still recording and releasing music but has not been focusing on the Zimbabwean market.

"I am selling my music in the east, for US20. I have decided to walk in this path since here in Zimbabwe music is being heavily pirated. My music is relatively common in Korea and from the sales it is working," said Malunga.

In his last statements, the artist said that he had partnered with government departments to do a follow up movie on the Nesango video which will be based on the war. He, however, did not mention the release dates.

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