Tuku Behind Tocky Vibes, Jah Love Collabo

Tuku is still giving us good music beyond grave.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM 

The only two contemporary musicians the late Dr. Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi endorsed, Tocky Vibes and Soul Jah Love have joined forces in a new song dubbed Vakorinde, Zimbolebs has confirmed.

The duo looked very excited on set, shooting visuals for the new song as they basked in the Tuku induced glory.

The word Vakorinde was a very popular phrase a little over a decade ago commonly used as a title for big achievers or the big fish in various respects. With this in mind, Tuku's endorsement of the duo in an interview on Star FM before his death made the duo Vakorinde and has resulted in this new song and collaboration.
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"Vakorinde itwo chete look out for that video, Ane nharo nazvo ngaaende anofukunura guva remhondoro kune mhondoro yakasiya yazvitaura (we are the best ones, those who do not believe this go and dig out the legend's (Tuku) grave). 

"Mudhara tuku vakasiya vazvitaura kuti kune mhondoronyana dzangu dzviri, saka kana uri wechit three usazvinyepera (Tuku said this before he died it is only the two of us, not three)," said the duo.

Soul Jah Love added that the song also looks to deal with haters.

"The is not a collaboration, this is not a combination, this is a bombination tikuda kubhomba matsaga chete," he said.

Tuku died on 23 January this year after a long battle with diabetes.

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Main Image Credit: Afropunk