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Winky D 'Wicked Deejay' Ninja President

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Winky D aka Ninja President is a 39-year-old award-winning Zimbabwean musician. He is a reggae-dancehall artist with popular songs under his belt, like Rasta, Head Inna War, Musarove Bigman, Disappear, Ngirozi, Panorwadza Moyo, Kasong keJecha and Mugarden.

He has been involved in the music industry since 1999. Winky D insists that he does not emulate anyone as an artist, he says that his inspiration comes from the challenges of poverty that people face on a daily basis.

Winky D has been featured in the Southern African Music Awards (SAMA) and has more than 6 awards, 2 of which are NAMA and the honorary Dancehall award. His first performance outside Zimbabwe was in Johannesburg, South Africa, which he later toured. He has also toured the UK, Australia and North America.

Winky D is an artist continually on the rise and we are sticking around for the action. 

He killing in this game and he just a new video released and his fans loved it. However, some felt that he was slacking a bit and some even called his latest body of work a flop. 

Being in the public eye, is not as easy as many presume, because people are always watching your every move and are to criticise if one makes a mistake. Winky D has already been followed by some controversy where he's been accused of things like theft. 

Here's a look at the life of this inspiring Dancehall sensation:

Winky D Awards

Winky D's amazing work has got him so much recognition with him clinching so many awards locally and internationally as well. However, his latest stint with the Star FM Awards got a lot of people talking.

When Star FM released its list of nominees for the upcoming Star FM awards, there was one notable absentee: Winky D. As it turns out, the dancehall star refused to submit his name into the entries.

The musician, who experienced a pretty dramatic 2019 began 2020 on a loud note as fans clamoured for his inclusion on the Star FM nominee roster. Little did we know, however, that it was a very deliberate act by Winky D. The artist still not explain why he did not submit his name.

Winky D Accused of Theft

The Zimbabwean rapper found himself at the centre of accusations for allegedly stealing instrumentals used on his hit song Chandelier. The singer hogged tabloids headlines after a South African music producer Darlington “Young DLC” Chikwewo accused the multitalented singer of allegedly using his instrumental without his knowledge.

Darlington cried foul as he claimed the beats belong to him. His manager Tendai Joe said Young DLC had communicated with Winky D's management to sell the instrumentals, however, they ignored his offer and eyebrows raised when he found out WinkyD had composed a song on his latest album Njema using the bests on the song Chandelier.

Joe even went on to say Winky D’s management did not treat him well and showed a chat where Young DLC communicated with the Gafa about the instrumentals.

Winky D Age

Winky D was born Wallace Chirumiko on 1 February 1983 in Kambuzuma, Harare, Zimbabwe. He turned 39 in 2022. 

He began listening to Reggae at the young age of 8 and enjoyed music from an early age. His passion for reggae music inspired his search for and collection of different audio tapes and records to listen to.

Winky D Family

Winky D has a brother, Trevor Chirumiko, who is a music producer, singer and presenter, famously known as Layan.

Winky D Education

Winky D attended Rukudzo Primary School and continued on at Kambuzuma High School in Harare, Zimbabwe. He started performing in small concerts and functions as a teenager and when he was 16 years old he performed in DJ Battles which would help in announcing the most talented one, this happened at Getto Lane Clashes.

Winky D was identified in these battles which ignited his popularity, and later earned him the name ‘Wicked Deejay’ which was then shortened to Winky D. He procured the nickname due to the strong message in his music, with some lyrics of an explicitly controversial nature. 

However, he started singing Gospel in 2013 and encouraging youth to stop drugs.

Winky D Career

Winky D started recording with the aid of Bartholomew Vera of Blacklab studios. The dancefloors were lit with the recording of his first 2 songs, Rasta and Dead Inna War, not to mention his remarkable stage presence. He has acquired international fame with followers from various countries, having performed in successful tours in the United Kingdom, USA, Asia and South Africa.

He has become an African urban/reggae music hero and has been given titles such as, 'Gombwe', ‘Gafa(Gaffer, Extraterrestrial “the BigMan)’, 'King of Dancehall' ‘Messi wereggae’, and ‘Truthsayer’ given to him in the ghettos.

Winky D and Albert Nyoni (Vanyoni Beats) launched a song in Harare on 19th January 2012, entitled “If you know you are a champion get circumcised”. This was in a bid to encourage the Zimbabwean male population to get circumcised.

The Population Services International and Ministry of Health and Child Welfare initiated the project.

In December 2010 Winky D was scheduled to perform with Capleton on New Years Eve. The tour was meant to be done alongside Guspy Warrior and Terry Fabulous from Chimurenga drive in Zengeza. Unfortunately, Winky D withdrew from the performance, cancelling his appearance from Capleton’s Zimbabwean tour on the grounds that they could not come to an agreement. 

Winky D performed alongside Black Coffee, Cabo Snoop, Dj Betto, Dj Leks, TshepNOZ and Sipho, Dj Luo, and Kay Mack, making his debut at the Moash Beer fest Carnival in Johannesburg in 2011. 

Winky D then failed to perform at the National Sports Stadium in August 2013 for the late President Robert Mugabe’s inauguration. There was much speculation regarding his whereabouts during that event.

Winky D Controversy

Winky D has had feuds with Madcom and Dadza D. The 3 popular dancehall artists battled back and forth lyrically until Winky D finally emerged as victor over his opposition and became the most popular Zim-dancehall act.

He has since seen many artists knock him, attempting to gain popularity for themselves and he has responded with silence, bidding for peace.

In another controversy, Winky D released ‘Gafa Futi Chi Extraterrestrial’ causing a stir among his fans with many questions arising with regards to the meaning of the song. There had also been confusion over his dress code at the time following his album launch. While tongues were also wagging on another song named ‘Bhebhi RaMwari’. 

Winky D’s ‘Gafa Kicks Tape’ song ‘Disappear’ also prompted many to question the lyrics and imply Satanism.

On a Facebook post, ‘one Reward’, Muchini, asked the meaning of the lyrics to ‘Bhebhi raMwari’:

“Some of the names and lyrics by Winky D are suspicious – what does ‘Bhebhi RaMwari’ mean?”

Some of his other posts say; “Gafa Futi: Chi Extraterrestrial… this album ka? Of course it’s beyond doubt that Winky D is a master craftsman. There is a song here with a line that goes like, ‘Rudo rwedu rwapisa kunge kumba kwaLucifer…’” 

Winky D did, however, defend himself in an interview with a radio station, saying that there was nothing wrong with his lyrics.

“I don’t understand why people are making issues out of that song. It simply means a good wife comes from God,” he said.

He also said that there was nothing to talk about regarding his dress code, saying that it is all part of his creativity.

“As artists, we have our own way of doing things and that is why we dress and put things in a way that brings people close to the music,” he said.

His album with songs ‘Twenty Five’, ‘Dady’ and ‘Mwendambeni’ where he enlisted the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi on the song ‘Panorwadza Moyo’ made waves across the country.

Winky D’s lyrical genius, although controversial, is unmistakable in its ability to stir intense emotion in all his listeners.

Winky D Networth

Winky D owns multiple properties and cars in Harare, Zimbabwe and has an estimated networth of between $1 Million and $5 Million.

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