We Are STILL Waiting For That Winky D Album

That's all we want for Christmas!

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What do you want for Christmas? Because I can tell you that the only thing that most Zimbabweans want right now is the brand new, long-awaited, heavily promised (ok you get it) Winky D album. Yup, it's STILL not out.

Winky D has made a habit out of delivering killer albums just in time for the festive season and for the longest time it has looked as if 2019 will be the same. In fact, many of us thought that November 16 was going to be the day that the album would drop but sadly, we were misled. The big day came and went and there was still no Winky D album and now fans are losing patience.

The dancehall star last dropped a record in 2018 when he released Gobwe: Chiextra to great fanfare. 2019 looks like the year to top that record but Winky D appears to be playing games with his fans.

The singer allegedly DM'd a fan and promised that if said fan would be able to get 500 retweets, that he would release the details and artwork for his upcoming record.

Sadly we are no closer to the 500 retweets than we are to knowing when the album will drop. It's already the 4th of December and fans are slowly but surely losing hope that we will get the new record before the end of 2019 but stranger things have happened in music.

Despite this, Winky D has had an incredible few years which has culminated in big UK exposure on the likes of BBC Radio 1 Xtra and even the UK edition of The Independent.

Speaking on his current success Winky D said:

“We are happy of course and it only goes to show that if you don’t lose focus progress will always find you. Don’t listen to the negativity they say, just focus and set your eyes on the prize, results will come,”

We're all incredibly happy for him, but that doesn't distract us from the fact that we still want this album!

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Image Credit: www.instagram.com/winkyddbigman