Who Is The Richest Man In Zimbabwe?

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Everyday money changes hands right here in Zimbabwe, many on the ground don't get to either see or touch this money. But how thick exactly is this line that separates those in whose hands money circulates.

Well, simply there are several degrees of thickness when it comes to this. It is less thick between those who circulate small amounts of money and way thicker for those who move a larger proportion of cash.

Of the six gentlemen on this list, there is a very high chance that millions move from, to or through them every day. Bet you are as shocked as we were when we heard that the first time, but really, is one of them the richest man in Zimbabwe?

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Dr Guramutunhu

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A Zimbabwean physician with expertise in the surgical and medical treatment of the eyes is Solomon Guramatunhu. He attended the Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa, received his undergraduate medical degrees from the University of Zimbabwe, and completed ophthalmology postgraduate training at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

With an estimated net worth of $100 million, there was a time he could have been the richest man in Zimbabwe.

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Emmanuel Makandiwa

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Prophet and Man of God Emmanuel Makandiwa has altered the parameters of the prophetic. Few people refer to him as a teacher. While some people view him as a businessman, to the members of His church, he is their pastor. He is well-known as a televangelist, but there is more to him than that. He is worth roughly $150 million.

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Moses Chingwena

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Chingwena holds a marketing management degree as well as a strategic management master's degree. He also holds marketing and general management credentials. He was a founding co-partner of Croco Motors and is currently the company's chairman. He’s worth around $120 million.

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Shingi Mutasa

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Masawara Plc, an active investment firm with a focus on acquiring strategic interests in businesses mostly headquartered in the East & Southern African region, was founded by Shingai. He currently serves as Masawara Zimbabwe (Private) Limited's Group Chief Executive Officer.

Shingai has a deep love for Africa. In keeping with this, he promotes investment in Africa and takes part in initiatives that support the future growth of Zimbabwe. Masawara is currently a top regional investment firm in the COMESA area with a diverse portfolio of financial services. In the area, The Masawara Group employs many people. Net worth is estimated to be around $150 - $200 million.

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Philip Chiyangwa

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Politician Phillip Chiyangwa hails from Zimbabwe and has held office there. He has a history of involvement in numerous property issues, and his appointment as the head of Zimbabwe's football organization sparked controversy. Net worth $1.2 billion.

Strive Masiyiwa

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A rich businessman and philanthropist from Zimbabwe named Strive Masiyiwa resides in London. He is the organization's creator and executive chairman. Econet Global is a global technology company. Through his family foundation, Masiyiwa has given scholarships to more than 250,000 young Africans over the previous 20 years. Net worth 1.6 billion.

These gentlemen are leaders in their various fields and have over the years proven to be the clean example of how character, determination, and smart work could keep someone well in line to be the richest man in Zimbabwe.

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