Which Zim Celebrity Are You Trusting With Your Skin?

A look inside celebrity-owned skincare brands

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Okay! It looks like the ladies are coming through with their own skincare brands and we love to see it.  Last year the beauty industry was valued at 511 billion so it makes sense why these celebrities are branching into the billion dollar industry. Let’s take a look at some of the Zimbabwean skincare brands owned by our very own celebrities.

Ini Skincare by Plaxedes Wenyika

Songbird Plaxedes Wenyika branched into the beauty business last year when she launched her skincare brand, “Ini Skincare”. The brand ranges from cleansers, serums and moisturizers.

According to Plaxedes, the skincare products are home-grown and manufactured by skincare experts. She said her brand is science based and safe for Zimbabweans. Judging from the looks of it, Ini Skincare is doing wonders on women’s faces. The “Wadarireiko” hit maker started a 90 day challenge and a lot of women have been coming through with their amazing before and after transformation pictures. The brand specializes on reducing hyperpigmentation and clearing dark spots and prices range around $30. Let us know if you will be willing to try her brand.

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Ndanaka by Carol Nyazika

Beauty Influencer Carol Nyazika launched her Ndanaka skincare brand which assures clearer, brighter and more even-toned skin. The brand’s name “Ndanaka” which means I am beautiful promises to make women feel beautiful in their own skin.
The great thing about this brand is that it caters for all skin types. Just like Ini Skincare, Ndanaka boasts of amazing reviews from customers who swear by the brand. Products range from cleaners, face masks, serums and moisturizers. Their prices range around $20 and they are also available outside the country like in South Africa.

Tanaka Skin by Dyonne 

Stunner’s estranged wife and model Dyonne Tanaka joins on the list of celebrities to create their skincare line. Dyonne who is often criticized for bleaching her skin released a number of items including whitening products.

Her products include Stretch mark butter, dark spot corrector, toner and brightening shower gel. Tanaka skin also offers non-whitening products and it caters for both men and women. Dyonne also sells her products in combos at a cheaper price. Her products range from $10 going up

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Candy Faith Beauty

For those ladies that like bleaching their skin, this may be the brand for you. Candy Faith Beauty was created by musician and socialite Faith Naphazi who has been transparent about her skin bleaching journey. Her brand offers brightening oils, butters and shower gels. Products range around $20 going up.

MKY Beaute by Hillary Makaya

This is the latest skincare brand by award winning model Hillary Makaya to launch next month on July 16. The self-proclaimed “Soft Life Ambassador” has been hyping her brand which is expected to be launched in a glamorous red carpet event.

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MKY Beaute products include body scrubs, exfoliators, serums and lotion. Prices haven’t been revealed yet but according to Makaya, the brand is going international. South African musicians Boohle and Ch’cco alongside Zimbabwe’s Takura, Holy Ten, Nutty O and Kikky Badass are expected to perform at the launch.


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