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Image of Soul Jah Love
One thing that is for sure, is that one day death shall die, however long it takes, the cruel angel of death took this star away from us at the peak of his prominence.

Not only was Soul Jah Love destined for the stars but the songs he released moved audiences all around the country and internationally.

When news of his death broke out, the mood across was gloomy and it could be felt, the shock in itself was unexplainable. But apart from his work that will most certainly live through generations, what else did he leave behind.

He had, from his career, accumulated a reasonable amount of wealth, his music had started paying off well, so what were Soul Jah Love’s cars? Which models did he love and what exactly was Soul Jah Love’s net worth.

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Soul Jah love cars

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At the time of his demise, Soul Jah love left behind four cars, they include a Toyota Hiace, Ford Explorer, BMW x5 and a Honda Illusion.

Yes, you have probably already thought about it, and are right, these vehicles are all high end vehicles which cost a lot of money.

Music promoter, Patson Chimbodza, famously referred to as Chipaz Promotions possessed the BMW x5 after his death, while his bosom friend batsirai Nyanungo took the Honda Illusion.

The actions of these two men brought about a lot of controversy which resulted in a court battle which was won by Soul Jah Love’s family, and his sister confirmed that the cars had been handed back to the family.

Despite this, his sister says that there are still ongoing internal fights between the family and producers who were uncomfortable with the decision.

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Soul Jah Love’s house

At the time of his death, Soul Jah Love also left behind a house which was still under construction close to completion.

How Much was Soul Jah Love’s net worth?

Before his death the Zimdancehall star had made quite a fortune for himself, according to estimates, Soul Jah Love had accrued wealth estimated to be worth in the region of between $10,000 and $100,000.

He never declared his net worth publicly.

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Soul Jah Love Career

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Soul Jah Love began his music career while still in high school. Despite the fact that he did not have much of an influence on the Zimbabwean music industry at the time, he remained committed to his career as a musician.

Soul Jah Love shot to fame in 2012 after releasing the smash single "Ndini uya uya." "Ndini uya uya" was broadcast on Star FM and other radio and television stations. "Gum-kum," his second smash single, was released.

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In the 2013 ZimDancehall Awards, he was named best collaboration and best rising artist. In tribute of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, he wrote a song. As the third best male dancehall artiste, Soul Jah Love took home R2500.

In September 2018, Jah Love released his debut album, Naka Dhula Dhaka. Silent Killer was among the musicians included on the album.

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