"Prophet" Magaya, A Man Of Riddles

Brought us HIV Cure, Anaemia Curing Lipstick

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Walter Magaya-Zimbabwean Prophet
Self proclaimed ‘prophet of God’, Walter Magaya, is a man who does not shy away from controversy.

Today as he celebrates his birthday, we thought it would be nice for us to look back at some of his past life highlights.

Zimbabwe pastor Walter Magaya convicted over 'HIV cure'

For fraudulently claiming to have a herbal cure for HIV and Aids, a court found a popular self-styled prophet guilty of fraud and fined him $700 (£540).

Walter Magaya admitted to marketing an unapproved medicine in violation of the Medicines Control Act.

In November, police apprehended him and seized a natural medication that he claimed could heal HIV and Aids patients.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Zimbabwe has the sixth highest HIV prevalence rate.

According to UN data compiled in 2016, almost 1.3 million people were living with HIV.

According to the BBC's Shingai Nyoka in Harare, the 35-year-old Magaya is one of a clutch of youthful, brash, and showy religious personalities who have emerged during Zimbabwe's economic crisis, gaining a large number of followers with promises of miracle healing and miracle money.

According to the privately owned New Zimbabwe at the time, he told his audience in October that the medicine, known as aguma, had mystical abilities to kill the Aids infection in 14 days.

"The plant is completely natural. I say this because we discovered that there are no negative side effects "'He said,' he was reported as saying.

His assertion was labeled criminal by the government, and his offices were raided by police.

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Lipstick That Helps People With Low Blood In Their Body

The Prophet got himself in trouble when he once claimed to have a lipstick that increases blood in the body.

In a viral video, he explained that the lipstick adds certain things into your body that helps the user combat anaemia.

This video attracted the attention of renowned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who referred to Walter as a ‘Fake Prophet’.

“In Zimbabwe there is a FAKE “prophet” called Walter Magaya. He told his indoctrinated followers that he had a lipstick that helps people with low blood (Anemia)!.

These adults have families that they are supposed to lead, they make major decisions at their places of work, ``he stated in a tweet.

Sexual Assault Claims Against The Prophet

Dewa Mavhinga, the Southern Africa Director human rights watch, claimed that the prophet tried to stop the Zimbabwean Gender Commission from investigating sexual abuse allegations against him.

Both the Supreme court and the High court threw out his application. Something that Mavhinga described as a win for women’s rights.

““Prophet” Walter Magaya tried to stop the Gender Commission from investigating complaints of sexual abuse against him. The High Court dismissed his application and the Supreme agreed. Victory for women’s rights.” Read his tweet.
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