Tocky Vibes's Fashion Sense Has Many Worried

What's he up to this time?

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Tocky Vibes is a favorite among Zimbabwean music fans. The heart-warming melodies of the Dancehall performer are ideal for celebrations. You can't help, but dance to the energizing beats of his tunes.

Tocky's popular song Amai from 2014 earned him the moniker "Dancehall Priest." It was a tribute to mothers, particularly his mother. Like any other celebrity, the artist has been in the spotlight for both positive and negative reasons.

It's his birthday today and we take a look at some of his outstanding moments from the recent past.

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Tocky vibes on his fashion sense

Obey Makamure, better known as Tocky Vibes, an award-winning Zimdancehall chanter, has defended his fashion taste, which has often sparked outrage on social media.

This comes after the 'fashion police' on social media shamed him for his  photos in a rather 'amusing attire'. While some thought the costumes were strange, others went so far as to call them a "fashion sickness."

Tocky Vibes called his fashion sense "art" in an interview. He explained that he wanted to be different by depicting his character as an African and sharing "history" with the audience.

Tocky Vibes, who appeared unconcerned by the negative feedback, stated that he doesn't care what people think about his unusual attire.

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Song Taken Down By Youtube

The song "Wakatemba" was pulled down by video streaming platform Youtube after a heated feud between popular singers ExQ and Tocky Vibes.

ExQ and Tocky Vibes collaborated on the hit song, which is usually credited as ExQ with Tocky Vibes.

The two musicians worked on ExQ's song "Wakatemba" after a gentleman's agreement that they will work together on a Tocky Vibes song soon, according to online newspaper 263Chat.

Tocky's camp claimed that ExQ broke his word and trampled on the gentleman's agreement reached between the two parties. Tocky Vibes and his crew retaliated hard after numerous failed attempts to persuade ExQ and his camp to honor the agreement.

The musician filed a copyright claim with Youtube, which resulted in both the official video and audio of "Wakatemba" being removed from the huge streaming platform. ExQ's channel was where the song first appeared.

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Tocky Vibes A DeadBeat Father?

Several bogus allegations have been leveled against the celebrity, including claims that he fathered a child with Linda James, a 13-year-old girl from Marondera. Until Tocky got renowned, the girl's mother was unable to contact him for child support. Makamure, she alleged, had abandoned his child.

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Tocky Vibes Throws Jah Prayzah Off Stage

During a Mafikizolo concert at the Harare International Conference Centre, he was accused of using his security men to force Jah Prayzah off the stage.

Tocky was rumored to be terrified that Jah Prayzah would steal the show. The incident sparked a brawl among their supporters.

Tocky Vibes Celebrated Birthday In Style

Last year, the ever dynamic musician celebrated his big day in a unique manner that saw him release a string of six singles to his fans. Imagine that!

This was different because normally it is the person celebrating the birthday that receives the gifts, however, It was Tocky who decided to gift his fans. We truly wait to see if he will be able to reach the same standards he set for himself.

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