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The Dancehall Priest In Zim

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Tocky Vibes is one of Zimbabwe's highly acclaimed Dancehall musicians. He has helped grow the fast-growing Zim Dancehall scene, which has won over the hearts of many young Zimbabweans.

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Tocky Vibes rose to fame with his hit song Amai which was liked by many for its unique lyrical content and this earned him a new name, Dancehall Priest.

Early Life
Tocky Vibes whose real name is Obey Makamure was on 29 November 1993 (29) in Rugare Suburb, Harare.

He began singing at a very young age but initially, Tocky didn't take his musical talents seriously. He then released his single, Tirikumhanya and moved to rural Masvingo where he had to make a living. At that time, Tocky was having difficulty creating a life for himself in the suburbs of Harare.

He would later return to Harare in December 2012 and picked up where he left off, but not without its difficulties. Tocky Vibes then moved to Rusape where he found a job as a herd boy, and would later find that the number of signing gigs increased for him in Harare and he would begin to travel frequently.

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Music career
When Tocky rediscovered his love and passion for music, he pushed himself to get into the recording studio. Since then, his unique voice and touching lyrics made his rise to fame continuously elevate. 

Tocky started recording music in 2009 and has produced several songs in form of singles and albums. Tocky’s lyrics stand out from his competitors and are distinct because of the lyrical level of maturity- unlike most of his peers. He stands alone in creating these landmarks for Dancehall music in Zimbabwe.

In most of his songs, he shows his overwhelming appreciation for elderly figures in the community and the importance of fidelity as well as the rewards of working hard. Which channels well for his young target audience.

In his song titled, Shanda, Tocky showcases a unique artistic style in which he exhorts himself and other musicians to work hard in the industry despite various setbacks that they may come across.

In another one of his songs, Tocky also talks about the HIV and AIDS pandemic and despite the difficult subject matter, this is one of Tocky's most adored songs, and perhaps his biggest breakthrough song was debuted in 2014, Amai.

The song, Amai (mother) was a dedication to his mother and loosely to all the mothers of Zimbabwe, thanking them for their roles in the upbringing of their children.

Tocky Vibes also released a single track ‘Zvitori Nani’ which was influenced by recent incidents of brutality on civilians by the army and police during the shutdown protests which rocked the nation.

Tocky Vibes also said his pregnant wife was beaten up and also affected by teargas smoke, which was thrown at the people while she was coming from church.
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In 2015, Tocky Vibes released the album Toti toti which was recorded using a live band, a feat yet to be rivalled by many in the Zimdancehall genre. However, a feat that was astronomical for Dancehall in Zim, received a lukewarm reception by the people who love the genre.

Unfortunately, Tocky was involved in many controversies and scandals especially during his festive season show in December 2014.

During his performance at the high profile Mafikizolo show at the Harare International Conference Centre, he allegedly blocked a fellow musician Jah Prayzah from entering the stage to show solidarity with him after bottles were thrown at him by the disgruntled fans.

Tocky was furious with Jah Prayzah's entrance and he was quoted arguing that the latter had come to steal the limelight at the show. Jah Prayzah was manhandled by Tocky Vibes' security from the stage and this showed the public that two of Zimbabwe's most loved artists were at odds, creating a media-driven beef.

In the past, Tocky found himself on the front covers of the media circuit for all the wrong reasons. Zim media started churning reports linking the artist to a love affair with an under-aged girl.

Local media houses reported that Tocky fathered a child years back with a girl who was aged 13 then. The girl, identified as Linda James was said to have been living in Marondera with her mother and did not know where Tocky was living after his newfound fame. She argued that Tocky was no longer taking care of his child.
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Tocky present day
Tocky Vibes has taken himself away from the drama that consumed his life before. A few years ago, you shifted slightly from hard-core Zimdancehall and experimented with a new mellow sound, which he says has increased his quality of music a lot more.

He has a child with his wife and has been quoted by NewsDay Zimbabwe that a new project is on the way.

 We are working on our new album. It will be different this time because in my previous works, I talk of problems facing other people, but this time around, I am focusing on my life, and you shall come to know some things you didn’t know about Tocky, because the album will explore a lot about my personal experiences.

We'll wait with baited breathe for the new project and know that Tocky's success within the industry will continue to flourish.

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