Tocky Vibes Biography: Man Who Nurtured Zim Dancehall

The Dancehall Priest In Zim

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Zimbabwean dancehall artist Tocky Vibes is a rising star. Many young Zimbabweans have fallen in love with the fast-growing Zim Dancehall scene thanks to his efforts.

Amai, the successful song by Tocky Vibes, gained him the moniker of "Dancehall Priest" due to the unusual lyrical content that made it so popular.

Tocky Vibes Earlier Years

Obey Makamure, also known as Tocky Vibes, was born on November 29th, 1993 in Rugare Suburb, Harare.

Tocky started singing at a very early age, but he didn't take his skills seriously at first. To make ends meet, he recorded a song and then relocated to rural Masvingo, where he had to find a job. Tocky was having a hard time establishing himself in the suburbs of Harare at the time.

As of December 2012, he had returned to Harare and was able to resume his work, although it had its challenges. Tocky Vibes then relocated to Rusape, where he worked as a herd boy until finding more signing engagements in Harare, which led to his travelling more.

Tocky Vibes Music career

A newfound love for music spurred Tocky to pursue a career in the recording studio. As a result of his distinctive voice and heartfelt words, he's become more well-known.

Formed in 2009, Tocky has released a number of tracks as both singles and albums. Because he is more mature lyrically than most of his colleagues, Tocky's words stand out in a crowded field. Those markers for dancehall music in Zimbabwe were all created by him alone.

Tocky Vibes Songs

In several of his songs, he expresses his deep admiration for community elders and emphasizes the value of loyalty as well as the benefits of hard labour. For his youthful target audience, this is a great medium to use.

Musician Tocky uses his distinctive creative style to encourage himself and other musicians to persevere in their careers even in the face of adversity.

Tocky speaks about the HIV and AIDS epidemic in another one of his songs, and despite the challenging subject matter, this is one of Tocky's most appreciated songs, and maybe his greatest breakout song was launched in 2014, Amai. Amai

As a tribute to his mother and Zimbabwean moms, he wrote the song Amai (mother), in which he expressed gratitude for their role in raising their children.

Tocky Vibes also produced a tune titled 'Zvitori Nani,' which was inspired by the army and police abuse against citizens during the nation-shaking shutdown demonstrations.

Tocky Vibes claims that while he and his pregnant wife were leaving church, they were attacked and subjected to tear gas and other forms of chemical gas.

Tocky Vibes Albums

Tocky Vibes released Toti toti in 2015, an album that was the first in the Zimdancehall genre to be recorded with a live band. In spite of this, Dancehall in Zim garnered a tepid welcome from those who like the music.

Tocky Vibes Controversy

Sadly, Tocky got entangled in a number of issues and controversies during his 2014 holiday season program.

Disgruntled audience members threw bottles at him when he performed at the Harare International Conference Centre as part of the high-profile Mafikizolo concert. He reportedly barred fellow artist Jah Prayzah from accessing the stage to demonstrate sympathy with him.

Tocky was enraged at Jah Prayzah's appearance, which he said was an attempt to steal the show's spotlight. It was revealed to the public that two of Zimbabwe's most popular performers, Jah Prayzah and Tocky Vibes, were at odds, resulting in a media-driven feud.

This is the first time Tocky has been featured on the front cover of a mainstream media outlet for the wrong reasons. Reports began to circulate in the Zim media claiming that the musician was having an affair with an underage female.

Tocky allegedly had a kid with a 13-year-old girl years ago, according to local media. When Tocky became famous, Linda James was claimed to have been living with her mother in Marondera and had no idea where he was. Because she claimed Tocky no longer looked after his kid, she won the argument.

A song in which he featured rapper Ex-Q, titled Wakatemba, was taken down by Tocky's management who claimed that Ex-Q had breached part of their agreement.

Tocky Vibes present day

Tocky Vibes has withdrawn from the turmoil that used to occupy his thoughts and time. Several years ago, he experimented with a new mellow sound rather than sticking to hard-core Zimdancehall, which he claims has greatly improved the quality of your music.

In anticipation of Tocky's next endeavour, we'll keep our fingers crossed for his success in the business.

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