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He is young, black and gifted.

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Tinotenda Chinyani has undoubtedly to raised the Zimbabwean flag high regionally. The Morning show host is one of the sexiest men in the entertainment industry and is rapidly climbing up the ladder of success.

Based in South Africa, Chinyani has appeared on several big platforms as a fashion model. He has also appeared on South African television commercials advert billboards and he is also a television presenter for eTV's Morning Show.

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If you are not familiar with him, here is a brief biography about him and his achievements over the past years.

Tino's Baby Tiyani

Tino took to social media to reveal that him and Simphiwe were expecting a baby boy. The pictures featured the couple's hands holding a pair of blue baby shoes.

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It’s a boy💙 . 📸 @optimass_art

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The couple wanted to keep their baby a secret and away from the prying eyes of the media and the reveal was only made three months after he had been born.

They welcomed their baby boy Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, in June 23 2020.

"On the 23rd of June 2020 we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani and this ladies and gentlemen is his legacy. @tiyani_afrika clothing brand. Watch till the end😊😍❤️"

Tino Chinyani Age

Tino Chinyani was born Tinotenda Chinyani on 9 September 1994 and he is 26 years of age.

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First & foremost...ALL PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH. 🙏🏾🕊 Lord I’m blinded by your grace daily. As I wake to another beautiful day, I look up to the stars & skies. I’m reminded that you’ve been with me every step of the way but more importantly you’ve laid out the path & shared with me a vision of a brighter tomorrow. 🌅 For all the blessings you rain down upon me daily, I thank you beyond words can comprehend. As I step into this new chapter of greatness, I just ask you continually watch over me as I become a Father, a Leader, a message of hope, I pray that all I do pleases you. 🤍🕊 09.09.94 ⚓️ - The Day a King was born. 👣🦅 P.S - follow @Tiyani_Afrika (giveaways for the 1st 500 followers.) it’s gonna be EPIC 🤞🏾🤓🗣

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Tino Chinyani Education

He attended most of his education in Zimbabwe and he attended his high school at St Johns School.  

He then went to South Africa where he studied his degree at Monash University.

During his time at Monash University, Chinyani participated in a modelling competition and he won the title of Mr Monash in 2014.

Tino Chinyani Girlfriend  

Television pearsonality soon-to father Tino Chinyani has been a ball of happy energy since he announced that he was expecting a child with TV actress Simz Ngema. Although the two had never come out and announced their involvement with each other they are very much in love and looking forward to starting their family soon.

Although he didn't want to spill too much about his relationship Tino says he is happy and his fans should understand that he needs to settle down.

"Ladies at some point I need to have a love life, and I can't be a bachelor in my forties or fifties. This is why you see old daddies running after young girls because they are not growing up and I want to enjoy my love-life, I want to fully immersed myself on what love is," he said.

Chinyani has kept his love life off the public eye although some time ago there were rumours that he was in a romantic relationship with South African socialite and businesswoman Faith Nketsi. Those rumours were never confirmed so ladies you might still have a chance with him. 

Tino Chinyani Career

After winning the competition he dabbled in modelling a bit, but his big break came as a result of his Instagram account. South Africa's top modelling agency, Boss Models, came across his profile and signed him on the spot!

Tino Chinyani’s career as a model opened several doors for him and he has modelled for several brands in South Africa and internationally, including Jet Stores and Mobicel.

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After solidifying his status as a top model, Tino set his sights on television to which he transitioned successfully. Tino Chinyani is currently a television presenter for ETV breakfast show called The Morning Show.

Not satisfied with that Tino has planned to launch a fashion range and venture into the world of radio.

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Tino also revealed that he is starting a new journey of becoming a musician and has begun working on his music and prays his fans will enjoy it as much as he does. 

Well, he is the jack of all trades.

His Fitness Journey 

As someone in who is constantly in the public eye, Tino makes sure he always looks the part. Gym is bae for our #mancrushmonday contender.

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Chinyani once told Expose Magazine in an interview that he enjoys the gym and it helps him to relax. He also opened up that he does not drink coffee and he eats healthy.

Tino also prefers eating at home than buying takeaways. Unlike many boys his age who are soccer fanatics, Chinyani does not enjoy watching or playing soccer. His favourite sport is basketball and he also plays the sport.

Tino Chinyani Controversy

Being the model that he is, Tino has been praised for his poise in his work, but sadly has come under fire for some of his pictures that he's shared on social media.

One tweep went on Twitter to slam the model for posing half-naked, claiming that he has no respect for himself.

"You can see this one does not respect himself, who will marry him if he keeps posting pictures of himself like this? Busy displaying his body,  the temple of the Holy Spirit for the whole world to see. Guys you don’t have to be naked to be beautiful!" she tweeted.

As usual, Mr Chinyani did not give them any power and laughed off the post. Responding and saying, "Sheeeesh I didn’t realize I looked this good. Sweet Father God Thank You For The Beauty You've Blessed me with. Have a beautiful day."

Tino also slammed a xenophobic tweep who ruffled his feather on Twitter and it is no secret that Tino is a sweetheart, but when it comes to negative vibes, he swiftly draws the line and unleashes some fierce clap backs.

The TV host caught wind of the xenophobic tweep, encouraging South Africans to normalize refusing to be served by foreign nationals at restaurants, hotels, and garages, and that did not sit well with him.

The TV presenter said "FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART F*CK OFF. For you to come here and be openly xenophobic is genuinely disgusting. Check yourself."

Tino Chinyani Fashion

He is an eye-candy that ladies find very hard to resist and focus on when glued to their television screens. Tino is not only fit but he is a lurker. His contagious smile just makes us melt and he oozes self-confidence that sets the tone even higher.

He is what the ladies call a 'heart throb' and there's quite a few times that he's left many breathing through the wound. 

We all need a cup of coffee, but that jacket is what we're here for.

On a hot summer day.

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Steady Peaking. 🌋

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You don't want to piss him off.

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Lie to me. 🥀 . 🔌 @emp_cyclone

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Tino Chinyani Car

Model and TV personality Tino Chinyani is team Mercedes after getting his new set of wheels. The hot model took to social media to share his new set of wheels along with a caption that encouraged others to be patient as their moment is coming.

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