Tinashe Mutarisi's House - A Fortress To Behold

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Tinashe Mutarisi was born on Mount St Marys' in Wedza. He grew up at Inyati Mine and attended Inyati Mine Elementary School for his primary education. He then went to Mavhudzi Secondary School for high school.

His business journey began with Nash Paints in Chitungwiza's Chikwanha Shopping Centre in 2006, with three employees, and has now grown to 36 outlets and over 500 staff across Zimbabwe. Mutarisi formed NASH Holdings after the success of Nash Paints. 

Nash Paints, Eastlea Paints, Nashrin Cargo Carriers, Avion, Spec Paints, Fishmongers Penman, Furnitures' Coloursel, Nash Furnitures, Project56 Construction, and the chairman of NASH Holdings are among the enterprises housed by NASH Holdings.

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In addition to Zambia, he has activities in South Africa and Botswana. He graduated from Marjon University with a master's degree in business administration (UK).

Tinashe Mutarasi has an estimated net worth of about $1.44 Million.

Tinashe Mutarisi was ranked number two on Ngoda Business's list of Zimbabwe's Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 40 in 2017. National Relevance, Global Appeal, Social Impact, Motivation/Leadership, Economic Value, General Influence, and Brand Equity are among the categories evaluated.

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Tinashe Mutarisi's house

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Tinashe Mutarisi, the CEO of NASH Holdings, owns a two-story property in Borrowdale Brook and a large fleet of cars.There's an outside play area, a swimming pool, and a tennis court at the residence.

The local businessman, community builder, and Nash Paints Group chairman who grew up in tough circumstances, never imagined himself becoming the competent businessman that he is today.

Tinashe Mutarisi's house is brimming with high-end furnishings and devices. It contains a set of stairs that kids can use to slide down to the ground.This house has Lavish interiors inspired by international architectures, famous monuments, and trending decor styles together make the luxury home distinct.
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The art nooks, rounded corners, crown moldings, and archways installed  always this  luxury house a novel touch.It also has a spacious kitchen with top-class appliances.Tinashe’s luxurious house has large stained glass windows that are dramatic aesthetic, which conveys power and wealth.

The Tennis court that is very extravagant and a ‘hard court type’.Outside the compound grass is carefully lawned and pavement cemented.

Tinashe Mutarisi, the CEO of Nash Paints, drives a Tesla Model X worth $750 000 USD. Kuda Tagwirei, the CEO of Sakunda Holdings, has a Mercedes-Benz Brabus G-class for $400 000 USD and a Bentley Mulsanne worth $405 000 USD which he parks around his home.

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Mutarisi, who was recently named the Zimbabwe Institute of Management's Second Most Influential Man Under 40, has successfully marketed his Nash Paints brand in the paint manufacturing and distribution business and is rapidly expanding his tentacles throughout the region and beyond.

The man is so dedicated to self-actualization that he has expanded his empire to include the high-tech lifestyle brand Avion Zimbabwe and the newest addition to his empire, Nash Furnishers.

Nash Paints, Eastlea Paints, Nashrin Cargo Carriers, Avion, Spec Paints, Fishmongers Penman, Furnitures' Coloursel, and Nash Furnitures are among the firms that make up NASH Holdings.

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