Tamy Moyo Collaborates With Ammara And Gemma

It is about to be lit.

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The female fraternity in the music industry has been inferior in the country. As it seems every music genre is dominated by men. Needless to say only a few have won local awards.

In a recent interview with with Ace Lumumba, Ammara Brown pointed out that a lot of women are now uniting and working together as compared to previous years where women in music would just compete with each other.

A lot of women have been rising in the music and entertainment industry but only a few have found a room at the top. Amongst the few who have been lucky are Tamy Moyo, Ammara Brown and Gemma Griffiths.

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No doubt the three have been buzzing lately and to capitalise on that Tamy has decided to have a girl’s get together with Ammara and Gemma.

Although a lot of people have compared Tamy to Ammara it seems like the show is not a battle for supremacy but a show to uphold the collaboration of women.

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As usual after the show's poster was posted on social media, everyone has an opinion on it. Some have argued that the show might be a flop as the three female artists are not yet stable to host such a big show. Some even related the show to the Armatia Ignite which was hosted by Ammara Brown and was canceled twice before it finally rolled.
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One Facebook user wrote “It a good thing that these ladies are doing it on their own but imagine for the whole night hearing three of Ammara’s songs, as for Tammy Moyo I only know one, Tekere and Gemma besides Mugarden does she have any other song besides that one?”
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Another one commented and said, “Umm they should have included Winky D on their line up or Souljah Love coz their show is for maSalad chete , also their music vanojuma can you really listen to Ammara or Gemma for 30 minutes and the prices heyi.”

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