Soul Jah Love Biography: Age, Family, Education, Marriage, Career, Controversy

Soul Jah Love 'Conquering'

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Soul Jah Love is an award winning Zimbabwean dancehall artist and songwriter. His rise to fame, came with his hit tracks, ‘Ndini Uya uya’ and ‘Gum-kum’ in 2012. He is also known for the signature chants that he has created, ‘Chibabababa’, “Hauite Hauite”,“Conquering” and “Mafundan’a.

 Soul Jah Love has contributed to the foundation of dancehall music in Zimbabwe, making it a popular form of political expression in Zimbabwe. This includes his song ‘Kuponda nhamo’ released in 2015.

Here's a look at the controversial yet promising life of Soul Jah Love:

Soul Jah Love Age & Family

Soul Jah Love is 29 years old and was born Soul Musaka on the 22nd November 1989 in Zimbabwe.
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He grew up in Harare. He has seen much loss in his life, beginning was his mother’s passing when he was 1 year old. His grandmother, who became his gaurdian, died when he was 10 and in Grade 5. He also had a twin brother named John who sadly passed away when Soul Jah Love was 15 years old. In 2005 his father, whom he had been living with, then also sadly died. Soul Jah Love was 16 years of age at the time. His step-mother had him evicted from the family home shortly after.

Soul Jah Love Education

Soul Jah Love attended Mhofu Primary School as well as Prospect Primary School. He then went on to attend Lord Malvern High School. It was in high school that he expressed a deep interest for music.

Soul Jah Love Marriage

Soul Jah Love was married to Bounty Lisa (Lisa Musenyi), a fellow Zimbabwean dancehall musician. The couple met in the music industry and their marriage had sustained both their respective careers. They have collaborated together on several songs. Lisa Bounty is signed under his music stable called ‘Conquering Family’.
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Soul Jah Love Career

With only a slight impact but greater latter reward, Soul Jah Love began singing whilst in high school. He went practically unknown until his hit in 2012 ‘Ndini uya uya’. It rocked almost every local radio station and topped ‘Star FM’ charts for several weeks. He also collaborated with ‘Shinsoman’.
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In 2013, after being in the limelight for months on end, Soul Jah Love won 2 awards at the ‘Zim Dancehall Awards’ for the Best Collaboration and Best Upcoming Artist. The talented artist continued his rise in December 2013, being voted as the 3rd best male dancehall artist. He also wrote a song to honour former president Robert Mugabe in 2014. 

Soul Jah Love became one of a very few Chanters to play alongside a live band and on his formal engagenment party at the Harare Gardens, he unveiled his 22 member band. It became the largest of its kind after the bands of Oliver Mtukudzi and Alick Mancheso.
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Soul Jah Love Controversy

Car Accidents

In 2014 Soul Jah Love rammed into a Honda Fit in Harare and barely escaped death.He was then involved in another car accident in Gweru on the 18th August 2016. He was traveling with his band to a gig in Victoria Falls. Jah Love and 3 other people were seriously injured and were admitted to Gweru General Hospital

A source who attended the scene of the accident said the musician’s vehicle lost control after the front tyre burst. 

“The cars front tyre burst and the driver lost control of the vehicle near Village Lodge which is about five kilometers from Gweru,”

Music promoter, Esau Hundura from Gweru, who also went to the accident scene shortly after it happened, said Jah Love had been referred to Harare Hospital.
“I just received a call as one of the local promoters from people at the scene and I arrived when the guys were being taken to hospital. He got treatment at a general hospital before he was referred to Harare.”

Hundura said that the other band members were still at Gweru General Hospital. Marshal Bimha, known as Wadis and who is Jah Love’s manager, confirmed the incident and said that the musician is in a stable condition in hospital.
He had been scheduled to perform in Las Vegas alongside Alick Macheso.

Assaulting Wife

In January 2018 it was reported that Soul Jah love went on an violent rampage after taking undisclosed drugs. He turned viciously violent and assaulted his wife, Bounty Lisa, using his fists and an iron bar. 

He accused his wife of being unfaithful in their marriage, claiming that she was carrying another man’s baby. Bounty Lisa, however, denied it saying that she wasn’t even pregnant and blamed the dilusion on the drugs he had taken. 
A few weeks following the assault on his wife, Soul Jah Love released a song addressing it. The song is called ‘Ukadenha Mangwiro’.

Airport Arrest

In December 2018, it was reported that the Dancehall Chanter caused quite a raucous on a South African bound flight at the Robert Mugabe International Airport

According to Paul Nyathi, Police Spokes Assistant Commissioner, Soul Jah Love was arrested for his unruly conduct on the flight.

“I confirm that Soul Musaka was arrested at the Robert Mugabe International Airport for unruly conduct as he disrupted the smooth flow of proceedings on the plane.” The Assistant Commissioner said that Soul Jah Love could not confirm the reason he was being so disruptive. “He was arrested in terms of section 83(4) of the statutory instrument of 2016 which deals with the security airport,” said Nyathi.

The dancehall artist has been hogging the limelight for all the wrong reasons and it wasn’t his first arrest for poor behaviour. 

In 2019 though, Soul Jah Love has now turned his life around. He said, “I have matured now and over the years I have made so many mistakes some I regret, some that I am trying to fix and some I can’t fix, it’s all part of life.”

“My biggest achievement though is realising that I have made mistakes and willing to change.”

The artist seems sincere and let's hope he continues on that path and nothing deters him from it.

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