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Seh Calaz Net worth
Seh Calaz, born Mumanyi, ventured into Zimdancehall in 2011. He is popularly known as the choir boy that went secular. He released his first song “Mbare” in that same period. Prior to this song, he was unknown but this entry attracted fans attention in the music industry.

From that first recording, there was no stopping him as he went on to release many more songs. He has made a name for himself and has grown into one of Zimdancehall's most sought-after artistes.

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Seh Calaz earnings and net worth

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His main source of income is his music and a few brand endorsement deals. His YouTube channel has grown tremendously since it started fetching thousands of views in just a year. His YouTube channel dubbed Seh Calaz Music has over 47.9K subscribers.

It started 5 years ago yet it has a record 198 uploaded videos. The videos on the channel can be categorized to Reggae music, Hip hop and Christian music. His YouTube channel gets him $9 daily, $66 weekly and $253 monthly. This rounds off to approximately $4,817 annually.

This income was generated from channel visits till Jun 30 2022 and are due to be updated when the channel data changes. The highest daily views during this period were 5.87K while the lowest daily views are 2.54K.
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The channel has additional revenue sources such as sponsored content and product sales, which are not catered for in these numbers. With that in mind, the net worth of Seh Calaz Music's channel through 30 Jun 2022 came to $9,875 .This net worth is calculated according to the publicly available CPM (cost per thousand views) paid by advertisers.

Usually, the CPM of a channel is not constant as it depends on the location and structure of its target audience, how often it posts videos, the number of subscribers it has and how many hours the videos are watched.

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Seh Calaz house and car

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Seh Calaz is not fond of posting about his private life. However, he was seemingly forced to start doing so after his wife exposed him on social media. She claimed that he was not able to provide for his children and failed to buy his child toys while parading torn sofas of his house.

Not so long later, there were claims that he was thrown out by the landlord over failing to pay rent. Following these series of attacks from his ex-wife Moira Knight, Seh Calaz made a surprise move when he bought a bigger and better toy for his fellow artist. He got a car for his longtime loyal friend Tipsy.
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This was perhaps aimed at dispelling stories by estranged wife that he is wallowing in poverty. Even though these looked like misplaced priorities, he was recently seen renovating his childhood home in Mbare, Matapi B flats apartment. 

On social media, carpentry frames could also be seen erected in a setup that resembled a studio. This took him only three weeks to complete.

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