Gonyeti Back To Making Satirical Skits

The comedienne says nothing is going to stop her.

By  | May 22, 2020, 02:36 PM  | Samantha "Gonyeti" Kureya  | Top of The

Bustop TV comedian Samantha Kureya, famously known as 'Gonyeti' is back to doing what she knows best. Making hilarious skits whilst touching on Zimbabwean politics.

The famous comedienne says that nothing is going to stop her from making more satirical skits even after her abduction allegedly by State security agents.

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The fierce and fearless woman recently released a skit mimicking former First Lady Grace Mugabe. She boldly told NewsDay Zimbabwe that no amount of intimidation was going to stop her.

In the skit, Gonyeti (her character) is having a conversation with 'George Charamba' (deputy chief secretary for the President’s Office) . In the skit, he was trying to get her to allow the president to attend Mugabe's funeral.

She then added, "We tell the stories of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans. Being a storyteller is a thing I cannot stop. I will always find myself reflecting on stories from society and it’s not personal."

She emphasizes the fact that comedians have an important role to play in society. By being a 'friend' to every household and be there for family members through good and bad times. 

"What we do is important in society. It educates and raises awareness on differences in society.” She explains.

Their goal is to be the biggest content creators in the country who touch on critical issues than women and girls can engage in. Her famous skits addresses political issues that only a few dare to touch on. Ultimately her bravery lead to her abduction last month.

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Picture credit: hmetro.co.zw