Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa Biography: Age, Family, Education, Relationship, Career, Awards, Philanthropy, Controversy

Today she is ranked as one of the most influential Zimbabweans.

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Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is one woman that holds many titles to her name. She is a television, radio host, a brand ambassador and a philanthropist.

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Over the years, Ruvheneko has managed to her brand and become one of Zim's favourite media personalities. She's also a master of ceremonies.

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However, her life has been filled with some controversy as she is the daudghter and grandaughter of some high profile politicians in the country.

Despite that, Ruvheneko has not let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Here's a look at her biography

Ruvheneko Age

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa was born on 15 September 1988. She is 31 years old.

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Ruvheneko Family

She is the daughter of politician and physician David Parirenyatwa and Choice Parirenyatwa.

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She is also the granddaughter of Tichafa Samuel Parirenyatwa, the first black medical doctor in Southern Rhodesia, and for whom the Parirenyatwa Hospital is named after.

Ruvheneko Education

Parirenyatwa attended Chisipite Senior School from 2001 to 2006. She initially wanted to be a pediatrician because her father is a doctor, but decided against it after failing her O Levels in biology.

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She entered the University of Cape Town as a law student, but switched to a media degree program after taking a media elective her second year. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in media and writing and political science in 2009. She went on to earn a postgraduate diploma in marketing at the same university.

Ruvheneko Relationship

Ruvheneko is one who has managed to keep her life private and away from the media. 

Speaking at F**kup Nights Harare, a program where professionals in different trades are given an opportunity to openly speak or admit their mistakes and failures during work conduction in their respective professions, Ruvheneko revealed that she was once married.

"At that time the same year, I got divorced," she said to surprised faces then continued and said, "Yes! I was married, I can see some shocked faces, I know I usually keep my personal life very personal but yes I got divorced that year (2017).

"So now I am a single woman who has got bills, life and things to do. I then thought to myself and said instead of keeping up with this entrepreneurial hustle where my soul is dead let me just find a job.

Ruvheneko Career

Ruvheneko was a  talk show host on Zimbabwe’s fastest growing and first ever private radio station in Zimbabwe, ZiFM Stereo.

However, her time at ZiFM Stereo was marred with so much controversy and she had this to say;

"Years later, there I am at ZIFM Stereo, and I decided to interview Pastor Evan Mawarire the days that #ThisFlag was still very new. You all know that, with the political environment in Zimbabwe at that time, it was a very risky thing to do. I was taken off air after registering my first Ruvheneko talk show f**k up."

Then she moved to Star FM before making her way to Capitalk FM.

Ruvhenheko, also grew a household name with current affairs interviews on Capitalk FM. However, her show stopped in 2018 and she admitted that she was to blame over the stoppage of her show.

"It's not every day that we admit our f*uck ups to ourselves, let alone to others. On Friday night at @FuckupNight join me as I talk about how and why the Ruvheneko Online Show stopped," she wrote.

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In 2019, Ruvheneko announced the returning of Ruvheneko Online program which was going to be be deeper and encompass many aspects to life than just politics.

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Ruvheneko was happy to have taken some time off doing what she loves to do an

“I'll be returning to your screens in June (2019)! I'm so nervous but more excited. What are those feelings combined? But what I am sure of is the time is up. Too many of us don't take breaks and that, I have learned, is a weakness,” she said.

Her online journey started as a result of the fallout between rapper, Stunner and his then-wife Olinda Chapel where the former was looking to save his image that his wife was dragging on social media.

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She then launched 'Layers’, a podcast, where she talks about her work as a talk show host covering issues that affect Zimbabwe and the continent at large. The podcast which is now available on Apple Podcasts is a platform where the talk show host has conversations where no topic is off limits and a space where people can get to know her. 

Her podcast received so many positive reviews and people felt that she was addressing issues that many did not want to talk about, but they has to be said.

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Ruvheneko Awards

Over the years, Ruvheko has received the following awards;

  • 2014 - Radio personality of the year (Zimbabwe Business awards 2014)
  • 2015 - Top Outstanding Woman in Broadcast Media & Radio in Republic of 2015 2015 - Zimbabwe from Women's Heritage Society World Organization (WHSWO) 
  • 2015 - Top 20 outstanding woman in Business for the year 2015 special recognition in good media relations from the Megafest business awards
  • 2017 - Women's Top Business Leader of the Year – Special Recognition in Media 2017 - Broadcasting Excellence from Women's Leadership Awards

Ruvheneko Philanthropy

Ruvheneko was the deputy chairperson of the Harare Youth Council, an organisation that advances the opportunities for youth in Zimbabwe. 

In 2013, Ruvheneko, together with a group of friends, launched the ZimboLove Foundation, a charity that helps people who cannot afford blood by giving them. 

The Ruvheneko Mentorship Program is aimed at young ambitious Zimbabweans. They work with youths on their journey to success by finding where their purpose and passion intersect. 

This program develops skills, strategies and capabilities and in turn brings out the greatness and uniqueness from every individual mentee. It also molds the mentee's character and personality to find favour in all endeavors.

Ruvheneko Controversy

The Zimbabwe Music Awards made a triumphant return to the nation's biggest stage and many of the most important players in the Zimbabwean pop culture scene were thrilled to see them happen.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, expressed her delight at seeing the awards show return, but she had a bone to pick with the public at large.

Ruvheneko took to her Instagram page to question why so many of the country's artists, who were being celebrated on the day, were simply not present.

She said,

"The Zim Music Awards were well revived for an Awards Night that had faced some challenges over the past few years. What I didn't enjoy, however, was applauding for artist after artist who were not present."

However, she ended her lengthy message on an emphatic note when she said:

"The Zim artists of the moment should have lit that stage up and dazzled the red carpet, no? Nonetheless, Well Done to the organisers, the winners (in absentia), the nominees, performers and all those who contribute to our local music industry. We appreciate you! Here's to bigger and better! Here's to louder and prouder!"

In 2019, Ruvheneko joined the state-owned broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) in September last year as director of corporate communications. However on the 26th of April she received a letter that she had been fired by board chairman Josaya Tayi.

“One day we won’t get suspended or fired for doing our jobs,” she tweeted. “One day we will get hired for our abilities and promoted for our brilliance. One day we won’t offend older men and women who feel threatened by excellence. Mediocrity and fear are the enemies of growth. One day, is one day.”

However, the ZBC did not respond to any of the questions sent to them about Ruvheneko's depature from the broadcaster.

Ruvheneko is determined to see herself grow in this industry and keep doing what she loves. She also wants to keep mentoring the youth and help them find their feet with the career choices that they make in life.

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