Celebrity Kids In Zimbabwe

Zim celebs and their 'cutie pie kids'.

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“Okay, … Diapers, cream, wet wipes…Check. Do ‘skin to skin’, see if she’s sleeping, don’t forget to hold her neck… Check. Make sure you don’t get water in his eyes, makes sure you hear him when he cries … Check.”

It’s time… you are bringing a baby home. 

Every new parent knows these thoughts all too well. Accompanying the exhilarating excitement of a new arrival, are the various check lists that go along with it. Bringing a little life into the world can be daunting, yet simultaneously the most rewarding experience of life.

Times have also changed and so have the roles of parental duties. Gone are the days where the role of the ‘parent’ rested almost solely on a mother. Even as kids grow, we see many modern fathers stepping up to the challenge of parenting and enjoying the role as primary caregiver to their children.

From what they will wear, to what they will eat and how you will travel with them, one might even call them our own little celebrities. As we follow our favourite Zim celebs and keep track of what their interesting lives have to offer, from their cars and houses, to their fashion and beauty trends, one cannot avoid interest in those cute ‘mini-me’s’ as well. 

Let’s get started and have a look at Zimbabwean celeb parents and their ‘cuties’:

Prophet Java and Son

Passion Java aka Prophet Java is a Zimbabwean Prophet of a Pentecostal church that has emerged in the recent decades. He is the founder of Passion Java Ministries and the Kingdom Embassy church. He was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and is 32 years old. He is married to Lily Tsegaye since 2016.

Pic cred: youthvillage.co.zw

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Java and Lily have a son together named Uebert Java. Java often shares his father and son pictures on Instagram. These two spend lots of quality time together and those snaps capture their chill time picture perfectly. The little cutie is certainly an aspiring prophet himself and gets plenty life lessons from his prophetic dad.

Pokello Nare 

Pokello Nare was born in Gwanda, Zimbabwe to George Nare and Bessy Chombo. This Zim socialite and former ‘Big Brother Africa’ housemate, has many accomplishments to boast of. Aside from her social media prowess and television successes, she is also an ambitious businesswoman.

She has managed to secure endorsement deals with Victory Co, she is the official face of the ‘Ndeipi-Zviri Sei Sei’ t-shirt brands and she has a deal with ‘Vault Cosmetics’. Pokello is also the owner of an upmarket boutique called ‘Addicted to Shoes’ and has lauched her own brand of shoes called ‘Pink Bottoms’

Pic cred: iharare.com
She has 2 sons with her ex-husband, Elikem Kurmodzie. Their names are Nathan and Tristan. Pokello has become more open about sharing pictures of her two sons, reportedly sharing family images from her bedroom spending family time with her children.
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Her instagram account profile boasts a picture of her and her boys and her ‘about info’ reads, “God fearing, business minded, Proud mom, Love above everything”.

Ammara Brown

Zims music genius Ammara Brown is another doting mother. This 32 year old icon has her hands in many pots. She is an Afro-Pop/RnB singer, songwriter and a brand ambassador. Her father is the famous Andy Brown. Starting her entertainment career in the 90’s with her debut in TV commercial with the popular Oliver Mtukudzi, she later joined her fathers band The Storm as a backing vocalist in 2003.

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She is mother to a little boy by the name of Khameel. The mother and son duo are often pictured together and the pair look quite inspeparable. We can obviously see the love and joy this little man brings to her life.

In a Mothers Day Facebook post she once said, 

“My prince and I are in a love bubble today. Happy Mothers Day to all you lionesses. I hope you’re blessed with more besties for babies…” It was accompanied with a MotherDay hashtag, as well as the hashtag: ‘MySonIsMySun’.

DJ Chilli

Hazvinei Sakarombe aka DJ Chilli is one of Zimbabwe’s most loved radio and television presenters. Her rise to fame came about when she joined the national broadcaster ZBC’s TV and radio channels. Her embracing of her native accent is what drew her into the hearts of many fans on air and also on social media.
Her popularity among the people prompted a demand for her as a host at many private functions and she was hired as an MC and a DJ.

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DJ Chilli became a mother in April 2016 in Harare. She is obviously a very proud mother, and on his son's birth she expressed her joy to the world saying, 

“Out of everything I’ve accomplished, this is my proudest moment. It’s a baby boy for me and I am proud of him… We have been blessed by the almighty. Please help me thank the almighty for this precious gift.”

Ngoni Kambarami

Ngoni Kambarami, more popularly know as Ngonie and is a Zim musician who has produced three albums, namely ‘Ndinoimba, Angu Mashoko and Idenderedzwa’. His debut song was ‘Ndiwe Chete’ and it was released in 2002 launching his music career that lead to his first album release.

Ngoni was born on the 19th October 1983 in Mabvuku, Harare. Aside from being a vocal artist, the 37 year old is also a songwriter, arranger, dancer and choreographer. He plays several instruments as well; acoustic guitar, keyboard and the drums.

Pic cred: starnews.co.zw
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This amazing musician is a husband to Evelyn Kawadza Kambarami since 2007 and a proud father of 2 adorable children. He shows off a truly beautiful family. They have a beautiful daughter and a simply adorable son together. Ngoni is definitely a doting dad and openly and proudly speaks of fatherhood being one of his biggest roles in his life, saying that he loves every minute of it.

He often posts Instagram pics of their exciting adventures together, seeming to have as much fun as the kids do.

Zim celebrity babies are real cuties!

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