Pokello Is Setting The Record Straight

She wants others to learn from her.

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Slaying it as only she can, Pokello Nare is a style icon, entrepreneur, media personality, and an all in all sparkling success. She rules social media currently, being one of the most followed and influential Zimbabweans on social media.

When she was featured on the reality show, Big Brother Africa this is where she met the father of her children, Elikem Kumordzie, with whom she shared marital bliss for a fleeting 3 years. Pokello has courted admiration and controversy in equal measures over time but has always lived her life unapologetically.

The one scandal that never seems to leave anyone's lips is the sex tape she made with Stunner. However, that passed and now we raise a toast to Pokello on her 36th birthday and steal a glimpse into her life in the year that was. 

Pokello fights Passion Java?

Passion Java behaved in the most inappropriate manner at Ginimbi’s funeral by trying to forcefully find a place in the VIP section and get his hands on the microphone.

He was denied access to both, due to which he left the funeral service only to come back within no time. He was lambasted by Mai Titi and Pokello. In a live Instagram video, Pokello was heard saying that how Passion Java wasn’t wanted at the funeral. This led to a seemingly misogynistic post on Passion Java’s Instagram, followed by a flurry of comments by fans.

So what really led to all this commotion?

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Pokello accused of bleaching?

Who knew a sexy picture could cause so much dissent? Pokello posted a stunning picture in a red flowing dress and black jacket, which she captioned as ‘They say, this is the finest woman in Zimbabwe, well I’m too tired to argue today.’

It was enough for the tweeps to go into a frenzy, commenting that she had bleached herself and she needed to take a trip around the country before declaring herself as the finest woman. In her inimitable style, Pokello clapped back at critics, answering each one of them with sting and sass. She even posted a picture of her 10-year-old self to prove that she has always been light-skinned.  
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Pokello in another sex tape? 

Pokello accidentally leaked a pornographic video on her Instagram stories. Though the faces were not clearly visible, the video left nothing to the imagination.

It was quickly deleted, and Pokello clarified that the video wasn’t posted from her account. She claimed that it was the work of a hacker and had nothing to with it. However, tweeps were quick to remember her infamous sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Desmond 'Stunner' Chideme that was circulated wildly on social media. 

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Pokello throws Elikem under the bus? 

Pokello spilled the beans on her marriage to Elikem Kumordzie at the inaugural speech of ‘She Roars’ at the University of Zimbabwe. Pokello admitted that she made a lot of mistakes in her life, but marriage was definitely in the cards for her.

However, because of the pressures of being a public figure and wanted to please and prove everyone wrong, Pokello disclosed the reason why she actually got married to Elikem. This left many shook as no one saw it coming.

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Pokello, the self-proclaimed Queen of Swagger, rides the waves of life with aplomb, and here’s wishing her an eventful year ahead.

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