I Was A Vegetable Vendor: Chiyangwa

He Got A Lot To Show Off

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A Harare Business mogul Phillip Chiyangwa is well known for showing off his wealth. At some point, he was rated as the richest man in the country and has appeared on the Forbes list for the richest Africans more than once.

Recently, a video of Chiyangwa showing off his mansion went viral on social media. On the video, Phillip Chiyangwa shows off some rooms of the house and other accessories within the house.

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He also added on to say that he was motivated by his poor background to work hard and to build himself a gigantic home.

Take a look at the video below.
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Many people, however, did not enjoy watching Dr. Chiyangwa’s video with some accusing the businessman of stealing from the people. Others went to the extent of saying that Chiyangwa made money out of selling out sensitive information about the country to other nations.

Moreover, it’s not the first time Phillip Chiyangwa has gone viral for showing off his wealth. Last year a video of him dissing people without money went viral. He even went on to create his fashion label with a statement 'Apa Hauna Cash' (“…Yet You Don’t Have Money”.)
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Other Zimbolebs that have also shown off their wealth to the public include Genius Kadungure who recently advised people to imitate him as they do not have money.
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Another businessman Wicknell Chivhayo also shows off his wealth on social media and has occasionally given some people money who would have begged him on social media.
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Recently another flamboyant prophet Passion took a video showing off his helicopter and said that he was very rich that he could afford to buy a helicopter yet many Zimbabweans were sleeping on empty stomachs.

It looks like it’s a battle for supremacy with these rich people.

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