Things You Didn't Know About Passion Java

Faith can move mountains

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A successful conman would be linked with a mix of controversy, a lot of money, a lovely house, a fine car, and a succession of strange miracles, that is, in most cases, inside our country and beyond the continent.

This man of God, or whatever he calls himself these days, rose to prominence a number of years ago. In his career as a preacher, Prophet Passion Java has sparked a lot of debate.

At his peak, he has had run-ins with singers, politicians, and unwitting social media users, among others, in fights that have seen many unholy words spoken between the Man of God and his hapless target.

As you read on you will discover some of the most interesting things that you didn’t know about Passion Java.

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1. He made his living by preaching the gospel

Java, who is said to have amassed a multi-million dollar fortune as an eccentric pastor, was not present on Saturday, but he had no trouble paying the R1.3-million charge. The bar bill included dozens of pricey champagne bottles, expensive platters, and a few drops of whiskey.

2. Youngest owner of a TV channel

He is one of the youngest TV channel owners ever. Java started Kingdom TV at the age of 25, with the help of a UK network. This is another of the things that you didn’t know about passion java.

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3. His real name - Panganai Java

Panganai Java is his birth name, and he was born in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, on October 29, 1987. He was formerly married to Yasmin Java and is currently married to Lilly Java. The pastor has four children in all.

4. He is the owner of a record label

He is also the owner of a record label. He has also publicly supported Zanu-PF. Emmerson Mnangagwa's re-election ambition in 2023 has already received his support.

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5. He has a sizable internet following

He has millions of followers on social media, and a self-proclaimed prophet known as Passion Java has lately made the news again.

6. He has claimed to have been a prophet since the age of four

He's been a self-proclaimed prophet since fourth grade, according to records, and the larger-than-life preacher began believing in his abilities in fourth grade. He also claims to be able to communicate with angels. You probably didn’t know this about Passion Java.

After performing controversial miracles in his church, such as the delivery of miraculous money and the prediction of people's ID numbers, Prophet Passion java grew to popularity.

Prophets Java, the man of God who is always in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, has also been accused of physically abusing his ex-wife. He married a Somalian woman after that.

After being accused of squandering church funds and scamming some of his followers, he moved to the Bahamas in 2017.

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