Passion Java's Cars - Truly The Word Of God Does Pay

How can he be so rich?

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Evangelism has, over time, gradually developed into one of the best-paying career options of our day. 

From big names like TD Jakes, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, and Jerry Falwell, we have seen the opportunities and rewards that come with preaching the word of the most high.

Prophet Passion Java is no exception. He has been able to curve his trade into a well-paying venture, and his lifestyle is a mirror of what his good work has done for him.

Java moves around inexpensive vehicles, dresses expensively, lives in a well-furnished house as well and lives the most extravagant lifestyle.

Passion Java Cars, houses, and expensive lifestyle are all explained in the paragraphs below.

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Passion Java Cars

The colourful preacher is not just concerned with his appearance; he also has a good taste and a keen interest in vehicles. He owns a stunning fleet of vehicles, including an Aventador, a Maserati Granturismo, an Audi R8, a Jaguar XJ, a Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz GLE, and a Lamborghini, to mention a few.

The following are some of Passion Java's notable cars, along with their estimated costs.

Helicopter – Over $1,000, 000
Mercedes Benz GLE-$55,000
Lamborghini Aventador-$1, 000,000 Lamborghini
Jaguar XJ-$85, 000
Rolls Royce-$311,900
Audi R8-$169, 000
Lamborghini Urus – $218,000
Maserati Granturismo - $342,000

Passion Java isn't one to hold back when it comes to flaunting his wealth. Moreover, despite the critiques he appears to receive, he would always have the backing of his members, who, in his defence, claim that he is simply demonstrating God's wonderful deeds as a witness. The preacher also responded to the outrage on social media by saying that because he grew up in poverty and now has more money, he would flaunt it.

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Passion Java House

Passion Java continues to be one of the African prophets who aren't afraid to flaunt their extravagant lifestyles and fortune. His is one of his opulent items that has attracted public attention.

The prophet does not spare any expense when it comes to fashion, clothing style, or outfit. He spends a lot of money on high-end watches, shoes, clothing, and other accessories. He occasionally takes to social media to meticulously proclaim the value of everything he is wearing. He also enjoys wearing Gucci clothing.

Passion Java lavishes costly gifts on his pastors. He went on a buying spree once, purchasing two Range Rover cars as gifts for his senior pastors, as well as various other personal expenditures. This ostensibly opulent lifestyle has led to questions about his credibility as a man of God.

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Passion Java Net Worth

People may be wondering about Prophet Passion's source of income, business, and net worth due to his flashy lifestyle.

Passion Java, in reality, isn't only a prophet; he's also a businessman who's struck huge deals with Gucci, a well-known fashion house.

His net wealth is undoubtedly greater than $10,000,000. Aside from that, he is well-known as a music manager, and his Java Ministries continue to expand, as does his net worth, as he acquires more assets and the latest cars.

When he got his new all-gold plated iPhone 11s, which is reported to be worth around US$30,000, he went viral.

He also made national headlines in South Africa after correctly revealing the genuine identity numbers of people he didn't know.

Passion Java was also believed to have been a former member of the Tabernacles of Grace Ministries, where he worshipped for a time before starting his own ministry.

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Who Is Passion Java's wife

Lily Tsegaye is a Zimbabwean-Ethiopian best known as the wife of self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java.

Following his divorce from his ex-wife Yasmin a year prior, Tsegaye married Java in 2016.

Passion Java was introduced to her at a conference in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2014. She insisted, however, that she had no part in Java's divorce from his first wife. Passion Java, she claimed, was the first person she met in August of 2014, and they began to communicate different perspectives and ideas. She has refused to contribute to her husband's extravagant lifestyle.

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