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Which water does he preach these days?

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Prophet Passion Java-South African Musician
A mixture of controversy, lots of money, a good house, a nice car and a series of suspicious miracles would in most cases within this country and in most parts of the continent, be associated with a successful conman.

A number of years back, on a day like this, a man of God ‘or what he calls himself these days, was born. Prophet Passion Java has not been shy of controversy in the course of his time as a preacher.

In his prime, he has managed to lock horns with among others, musicians, politicians, and innocent social media users in altercations that saw many ungodly words fly around between the Man of God and his unlucky prey.

Passion and Enzo Ishall beefing

Passion of the Prophet Java has declared Enzo Ishall a failure in the music industry after he gave up his passion at the Java Record level.

Java said Enzo, according to an interview with Power FM, is currently the worst musician in Zimbabwe. Enzo returned to the music industry after a nearly month-long hiatus.

Passion Java claims that he is the only one who can improve an artist since he possesses all of the necessary funds, connections, and skills to connect a brand.

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Hopewell and Passion Java twar

Hopewell Chin'ono, an award-winning journalist, and Passion Java have never shied away from a fight.

Hopewell has targeted political elites from all levels of government, as well as some celebrities, as evidenced by his recent dispute with Jah Prayzah. Passion Java has a long-running conflict with Ginimbi, and he's recently been involved in a verbal spat with the 1202 herbal CEO. Hopewell and Passion Java have been exchanging insults and remarks for the last three days.

It all began when Hopewell stated that today's youngsters were lost, citing the fact that activist Namatai Kwekweza had only a thousand followers but Passion Java had 300,000.

Hopewell wrote the following on social media (along with screenshots of Namatai and Passion Java's profiles):

"Now this defines the bankruptcy of today’s youths!, on the left (up) is an activist fighting for a better future for these youths, on the right (down) is a comedian “prophet. The numbers of followers define the uselessness of today’s youths and their lack of political consciousness. Tragically, They will buy data to share Java’s nonsense and not share things that will enhance their future!".

Passion Java took this as a personal insult and referred to Hopewell as a "jerk" on social media. Java also claimed Hopewell was a failing journalist who targeted politicians in order to obtain cash from the West. In a Twitter post, he said:

"Ndosaka uri 113010, face inenge dahwa rinegoita pahuro. #siyananeni failed journalist who wants to look for NGO donations through attacking Zimbabweans and politicians!"

Hopewell, on the other hand, was unyielding, pointing out that Passion Java's insults validated his case. Hopewell then went on to post a photo of Passion Java perched atop his car, with the caption:

"In a normal country, these youths would be at work or university doing their postgrad studies. By encouraging this Tomfoolery, the youths will start thinking that they too can make it through unconventional means and at times corrupt pathways, and the system likes that, We have a mindset problem!!!" he stated.

As the war of words raged on, some flocked to Instagram to vent their frustrations. He stated in a video that the disgraced journalist should leave him alone, and he implied that Hopewell was dating underage girls.

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Passion at odds with Mai Titi and Pokello

Mai Titi took to social media to discuss a rumored wealthy man named "John." Because Mai Titi's indications pointed to no one else, Zimbabweans online assumed John was Passion Java from the start.

Mai Titi described how John attended the burial and attempted to blend in with the VIP area. John was denied entrance, but he persisted in trying to reach an agreement. John also sought to obtain a minute on the mike, according to Mai Titi, but he was denied access to it again.

He then exited the event for a little while before attempting to re-enter. Mai Titi chastised John for failing to recognize that this was a funeral and that everyone had come to grieve. He believes that requesting preferential treatment and attempting to force the microphone into your hands indicate that you have hidden agendas.

While we're on the subject, an extract from a live Instagram video featuring Pokello had been circulating on social media. Different individuals could be heard in the video made during Ginimbi's burial commenting about how Passion Java was not welcome there. Rumors abound on social media that Pokello was the one who refused to have Passion Java perform at Ginimbi's burial. Passion Java appears to be retaliating against Pokello or Mai Titi in a misogynistic Instagram post this morning.

As he refers to himself, the Gaffa Prophet, he posted a photo with the caption:

"1st law of war — usarwe ne H nekuti H won’t look for trending, fame, views or followers, H roda mari, ukaona H rafirwa don’t even try anything unokuwara... ndapedza nekuti ma H anonetsa. #siyananeni"

Fans speculated in the comments that the "H" in Passion Java's post stood for the Shona term hure, which means "prostitute" in English. However, fans were confused about which of Pokello and Mai Titi it was referring to.

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Passion dissing Ginimbi

Passion Java, took some time to make a video on his official social media platforms in which he stated that people should not compare him to Ginimbi because he is from the countryside.

Java expressed his dissatisfaction with how people compared him to Kadungure, who lived in Domboshava. Java also reminded his social media followers that despite the fact that they are poor and can only afford $1 to attend one of Enzo Ishall's gigs, they still find time to attack him on social media.

This angered his social media followers, who accused him of bragging about his affluence while stealing money from his congregation. Some even questioned his status as a man of God because he violates God's word, which encourages boasting and looking down on others.

A Facebook user wrote “Passion urimbavha just like Uerbert Angel who you call your spiritual father,wakaita kutiza muZimbabwe after wabira vanhu ,wakufarisa uri ikoko,uritsotsi remunhu, I feel sorry for the people who come to your church, you are so pathetic.”

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Prophet Passion rose to prominence after he began conducting controversial miracles at his church, including the distribution of miracle money and the prediction of people's ID numbers.

The man of God, who is often in the news for all the wrong reasons, has also been accused of violently beating his ex-wife, prophets Jasmine. After that, he married a Somalian woman.

He relocated to the Bahamas in 2017 after being accused of misusing church finances and defrauding some of his members.

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