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Panganai Java better known as Passion Java is a controversial self-proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet who heads the Passion Java Ministries.

Passion Java started his prophetic works at a young age and has become an internationally renowned preacher who is equally known for his work as he is known for his over-the-top extravagant lifestyle.

Here is a look at Passion Java’s net worth, his sources of wealth, as well as his houses and cars that show just how loaded he is.

What is Passion Java’s net worth?

According to several online sources, Passion Java’s net worth is estimated to be between 10 - $50 million and he is one of the richest preachers in Zimbabwe.

Passion Java career

Passion Java, source: Facebook
From a young age, Passion Java’s mother claimed that her son was born with the prophecy gift. The flamboyant preacher reportedly began prophesying events when he was young and he foresaw the death of his father and his brother’s wife.

He started his journey at the Tabernacle of Grace Ministries before he started his church called Kingdom Embassy at Chitungwiza where his miracle-working abilities drew a huge following.

Passion Java later moved to South Africa where he continued to perform miracles and amass more followers. With this growth, he changed the name of his church from Kingdom Embassy to Passion Java Ministries.

It is believed that the head of Passion Java Ministries has accumulated sizable wealth from his work in the church ministry.

Like most wealthy preachers in Africa, Passion Java has been the centre of several controversies and his choices have been questioned severally.

For starters, there have been persistent speculations about him using black magic as his source of power, but he has always denied the allegations. In addition to that, Passion Java has also been criticized for misleading his followers after photos of him feasting with his friends emerged during a period when he had declared a 21-day fasting program dubbed US$210 21 days fasting. These and other controversies have made his critics question his intentions as a man of God.

Passion Java's businesses

Besides his evangelical works, Passion Java’s net worth has also been built through his businesses. 

He founded his record label in 2015 called PJ Records which has sponsored some popular artists in Zimbabwe including Soul Jah Love, Buffalo Souljah, and Enzo Ishall

In addition to that, Passion Java also owns a television station called Kingdom TV which he launched in 2018.

Passion Java's houses and cars

Passion Java's car, source: Facebook
Passion Java’s net worth allows him to roll like the big boys and he has fully embraced the YOLO lifestyle.

The man of God owns not one but several luxurious mansions. He reportedly owns a house in the United States where he has lived before as well as in Zimbabwe. His mansions are said to be worth millions and he recently revealed on social media that he is building a new $3 million house with a glass bridge to connect his old and new house.

Besides his multi-million houses, Passion Java also drives some of the most luxurious cars around including a Maserati Levante, Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini Urus and a Range Rover.
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