Osmond Tshuma Changes Africa One Design At A Time

His designs were African inspired.

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Osmond Tshuma designed what seemed to be the highlight of the Obama Foundation Africa Leaders initiative, that took place in Johannesburg. 

The second class of the Obama Foundation Africa Leaders, all from different walks of life, united 45 countries across the African continent into one. Together they formed new allies and gained new set of skills whilst surrounded by Tshuma’s artistic designs. 

The aim of the foundation is to help Africans better the future of the continent by forming a united front. 

The young artist created an event that was energetic and vibrant with his beautiful designs inspired by Africa. He created a visual language for the event and his designs became the face of it all. From the logo to the banners all over the wall, filled the space and his designs could not go unrecognised. 

Osmond Tshuma is an artist, graphic designer, typographer and curator born and bred in Zimbabwe. He has also lived in Johannesburg and has gained inspiration from the city. He describes his work as ‘merging the two worlds on a postcolonial canvas.’ 

The award-winning artist has tutored at the University of Johannesburg and worked as a graphic designer at Visual Point in Harare. 

Tshuma believes that African designers should draw inspiration from Africa and not outside. His work is greatly influenced by the struggles for liberation during the Zimbabwean war, that were portrayed by his school Danhiko Project.

“The beautiful paintings and visual languages around the school have subconsciously influenced my work. There is so much inspiration on this continent, and who knows if I’m doing it right, but it’s always my hope to show the beauty and richness of Africa, one design at a time.” He said during an interview with the Obama Foundation.

He plans on growing his design company he co-founded called Mam’gobozi Design Factory, into the biggest design company in Africa.

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