Olinda Chapel's Net Worth And Sources Of Wealth

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Olinda Chapel
Born in 1983, Olinda  Nyaradzo Chapel is a Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur and socialite who is based in the United Kingdom.

Olinda has accumulated impressive wealth from her businesses which enables her to afford the glamorous lifestyle she leads.

This article looks at Olinda Chapel’s net worth, her sources of wealth, her house and cars, as well as her works of philanthropy.

What is Olinda Chapel’s net worth?

Online sources differ on the exact value of Olinda Chapel’s net worth, but the estimated value lies between $1.5 million and $2 million.

Olinda Chapel’s businesses

Olinda Chapel, source: Instagram

Olinda Chapel’s net worth has been mainly built through the profits she makes from her businesses where she has targeted the healthcare, education and social care niches and is winning big.

She owns and runs a business in the United Kingdom called Gain Healthcare that deals with the recruitment of professional staff in the healthcare sector.

Since 2017, she has been a major shareholder and director for a company called Nikoz Recruitment Ltd. Nikoz specializes in the recruitment of teachers and other educational professionals.

Besides that, Olinda Chapel is also listed on LinkedIn as the director of Skhokho Empire which according to the company website, is a brand design agency that offers all the digital and web solutions for brands and their services include web development and design, brand and logo design, UI/UX design, mobile app design and development, and digital marketing services among other services.

Olinda Chapel house and cars

Olinda Chapel’s net worth affords her the soft life that many can only dream of. The UK-based entrepreneur took to social media in 2021 to flaunt her house and cars for her critics who had claimed that she lived in an apartment.

Olinda reportedly owns and lives in a three-storied mansion in the United Kingdom. She also reportedly drives expensive cars including a Mercedes Benz and a Land Rover.

Olinda Chapel philanthropy works

While Olinda Chapel deservedly lives large thanks to her hard work and smart ventures, the glamorous socialite also gives back some of her proceeds to charity.

She is the founder of a charitable foundation called The Olinda Chapel Foundation that seeks to uplift the lives of the disadvantaged people in Zimbabwe.

Olinda Chapel marriage 

Olinda Chapel with Tytan, source: Instagram
Olinda Chapel’s love life is quite an interesting chapter of her life. The beautiful award-winning philanthropist has been married at least three times.

Although she has not disclosed much information about her first marriage, the socialite revealed in a past interview that her first marriage had lasted for ten years.

Olinda Chapel got married for the second time in 2016 to popular rapper Desmond Chideme, better known as Stunner in a traditional wedding after Stunner reportedly paid lobola for her. Unfortunately, like her first marriage, Olinda Chapel’s second marriage did not work too and she parted ways with her second husband in a bitter break-up where she accused him of cheating on her.

After her first and second marriages failed, Olinda did not give up on love but decided to give it another try and in 2018 she got married again. Her third and current husband is famous rapper- Tytan.

Besides being a wife, Olinda Chapel is also a mother. She welcomed her youngest child called Nandi in 2020.

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