Olinda Chapel Comes Out Guns Blazing

Is this the end of the road for her?

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Olinda Chapel is quite the accomplished businesswoman who runs a lot of businesses and some initiatives too that help to empower the girl child.
Although she may be living in the UK right now, she will always live in our hearts.

Although she is one of Zimbabwe's favorite celebrities who's been in the media for both the wrong reasons and sometimes the right ones. She doesn't seem to have had so much luck especially when it comes to her relationships. From her first marriage that she does not like to talk about, to her relationship with Stunner and her marital affairs with Tytan Nkomo made public, Olinda has been through the most. 

So, on her 37th birthday, let us look back at the most memorable events in the entrepreneur's life last year. 

Tytan and Olinda split?

While there were rumors about the two getting separated after a very public war of words, it was still unclear whether the two had called it quits or were still trying to give their relationship another chance.

Tytan had announced their separation in a press release in May 2020, but there were several speculations about the couple getting back together. year Olinda approached the High Court seeking to formally end her then 19-month marriage to Tytan arguing that her husband never loved her but married her to facilitate his stay in the United Kingdom, where she has permanent residency. The drama between the two then took off from there. Accusations of abuse were flung all around and accusations that one gave the other HIV.

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Mai Titi tears into Olinda

Just when  Madam Boss and Mai Titi had buried the hatchet and put the past behind them, Olinda had dragged herself into their fight and Mai Titi was not ready to forgive her. Mai Titi accused Olinda, of offering money to Madam Boss so that she could hire lawyers and sue her.

However, Mai Titi did not go engage in a rampant attacking spree on Olinda as per her reputation, making us think that she had let it slide, but it seems we were wrong. Alas, Mai Titi shred into her union with her husband, Tytan.

As if that was not enough, Olinda rubbed into Mai Titi as she seemed to be taking Madam Boss’ side and the former was quick to react and erupt.

So how did all this come to be?

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Olinda Chapel throws shade at Prophet Magaya

Known for always standing up for what is right, Olinda Chapel spoke out against the controversial Prophet Magaya. She accused the authorities of dismissing a rape case without doing their due diligence and not looking closer into the victims' stories. Some claims might be valid, and the perpetrator in these cases needs to be brought to justice.

She also added that if the allegations raised against Prophet Magaya came out to be true, he was not fit to go on the pulpit to address issues of adultery or abuse.

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Olinda Chapel on Body Shammers

Olinda Chapel is all about a body-positive image, and she has some very clever comebacks to anyone who decides to give their opinion about her body.

In an Instagram live session, the social media queen addressed these body shammers saying that all women are beautiful in their own way irrespective of their shape or size. She also stated that things said can have a very negative impact on young lives. She further urged women to be more protective of what they let into their minds and that the opinions of the trolls are not as important as it seems.

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Stunner hits back at Olinda Chapel

The drama seemed never to stop when it came to famous exes, Stunner and Olinda Chapel.

This time, Stunner chose to speak his mind when asked about his socialite ex during an Instagram live with comedian and socialite Kuda Chamisa. However, he did say that he was living his own life and was very happy. He also had a few dodgy words about his ex that he couldn't stop himself from saying.

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