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Olinda Chapel is one of Zimbabwe's favourite celebrities who's been in the media for both the wrong reasons and sometimes the right ones. She doesn't seem to have had so much luck especially when it comes to her relationships. 

However, on the other hand, she is quite the accomplished businesswoman who runs a lot of businesses and some initiatives too that help to empower the girl child. 

Like someone whose life is always in the public eye, Olinda also has a few enemies in these social media streets. But she also has those people she cares about dearly and she hurts when she sees them hurt. One such individual is Mai Titi who recentlly received some support and love from Olinda.

Don't we all need a friend sometimes?

All good things do come to an end, and the spell hit Olinda and Tytan, whom most thought were never going to separate. Sadly for the two, they couldn't find an amicable solution to their problems, hence they called it quits.

But what really happened between the two?

Here's a look at Olinda's biography: 

Olinda Chapel VS Stunner

Stunner had a Q and A on his Instagram Live where he talked about his relationship with his current wife and if he is friends with his ex wife Olinda Chapel.

In the Live Stunner did not mumble and he revealed that he will never get back with Olinda and he is not friends with her and that is that.

However, Olinda had a different version to the story.

Olinda has come out to drag him for capping for the masses. She has receipts and everything!

On in a Facebook post she felt like they were cordial and cool with each other but he went on his Live and made her look like a clown. She told him to stop calling and texting her.

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Olinda definitely brought the receipts and we are shook. 

Olinda Chapel Relationship With Tytan

Well, what started off as the perfect couple, a match made in heaven ended  up with the messiest divorce that involved investigations into domestic abuse and even revealing other people's HIV status.

Talk about things really getting messy.

Olinda and Tytan after having welcomed their baby girl, Nandi, and what most saw as the perfect family, shocked the nation when they announced they were getting a divorce.

Only a few months after celebrating their first anniversary, Olinda and Tytan announced that their marriage had broken down. but what had most people talking is that the police were involved. In a press statement released by Tytan, he sparked some domestic abuse allegations and that he was receiving support from a strong legal team and domestic abuse services.

From Olinda's end, she revealed that Tytan had cheated on her with her 40 year old best friend identified as Fungai. After the alleged affair, Olinda announced that she and Tytan were in an open relationship and has given him the hall pass to chase skirts however he desires and people should not be surprised when they spot him with another woman.


Fast forward, just recently Olinda Chapel and ex-husband musician Tytan were at loggerheads again after he hinted on her HIV status on social media. In an interview on the YouTube channel Rumbidzai Show, Tytan implied that Chapel was HIV positive.

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However, Olinda responded by saying that this was not news to Tytan as he knew of this before they even got married. 

Olinda Breaks For Mai Titi

This came as a shock to many when Olinda showed some love for Mai Titi considering the history that they have had. Olinda, who is still going through her breakup with her child’s father, Tytan Skhokho showed some sympathy when Mai Titi revealed it was over with her man. 

Olinda had this to say about her relationship with Mai Titi

“There was never hostility from my end. As you know I am a huge advocate for women empowerment and women uplifting each other, no matter the circumstances.”

The two ladies definitely share some similarities when it comes to their love life. They are both recovering from break-ups with much younger lovers, who came to the UK.

We all need a friend like Olinda at times like this.

Olinda Chapel Age & Family

Olinda Nyaradzo Chapel is a 36 year old Zimbabwean entrepreneur and social media personality. She was born on the 14th August 1983 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Olinda Chapel had her first child in 2001 at the age of 17 and she was previously married for 10 years. Chapel had 2 children, a boy and a girl, her daughter's name is Nandi.

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Olinda Chapel Marriage

On the 3rd of April 2016, Chapel traditionally got married to Desmond Chideme, a Zimbabwean Hip Hop rapper who goes by the name Stunner. Olinda Chapel had been married twice before wedding rapper Stunner. They revealed their engagement on Valentines day of 2016 and said that Stunner had paid $16 000 for lobola. 

Olinda and Tytan
Chapel has never released the name of her first husband, however she attested that she did not enjoy her first marriage. She said that she came out of the marriage angry.

Olinda Chapel Business

Olinda Chapel has 10 years in employment services in the Health and Social care sector. She revealed in an interview with Ruvheneko that she runs her own company in the United Kingdom and it is in the health sector and specialises in the recruitment of professionals in this area. She is also involved in medical supplies and she is the sole director of a company that specialises in recruiting staff for different health and social care sectors called Gain Health Care.

Using her social media platform, Olinda Chapel revealed on the 25th of February 2017 that she was now a Company Director and the major shareholder for Nikoz Recruitement Ltd.

Nikoz Recruitement Ltd specialises in the Education sector and Chapel said she was happy to join such a well established team.

Olinda said that one of her first initiatives would be to recruit teachers from a list of countries, namely, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and any other part of the world on a 2 tier work permit and move across the borders. She said she would place emphasis on teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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Her list of business accomplishments are:

-        Owner/Director of Gain Healthcare Ltd

-        Operation Manager of Chiltern Support and Housing Ltd

-        Branch Manager of Nurse Plus UK Ltd

-        Branch Manager of Richard Carson Consultants

-        Recruitement Consultant for Beresford Blake Thomas

-        Recruitement Consultant for Genesis Recruitement

Olinda Chapel Controversy

Olinda Chapel has not had much luck when it comes to love and relationships. She has been married four times, with each marriage having its own set of tumultuous circumstances. 

Olinda broke down on camera as she disclosed the details that ended her marriage to Hip Hop artist, Stunner. 

In her emotional video Chapel said that Stunner was using her money to cheat on her with teenage girls. She also said that she stood by him when his life was going downhill and she lifted him up and worked hard and paid for the house that they lived in that he brought his girlfriends into. She paid for the car that he crashed and all the cars that he drives were actually bought by her. 

Olinda revealed that she paid for his album launch, all the drinks at Publoz night club and almost died from cosmetic surgery at Stunners request. She claimed that he would call her fat and overweight. She said Stunner was at the top of the world because of her. Ironically though, the couple would reconcile with Stunner even posting pictures of themselves in each others arms and joking about the whole incident and Olinda being embarrassed about her previous antics.

After her marriage to Desmond Chideme (Stunner) started falling apart and he even went on to reveal that Olinda had two failed marriages prior to marrying him. He revealed this in a hit back video toward Olinda after they began having marital problems. Chapel began having disagreements over the matter with another UK socialite and former top model Chantel Mungofa

Olinda Chapel then married the musician, Tytan in 2018, but after just a little over a year, Tytan announced that their relationship was over and there was some issue of abuse that had transpired between the two.

Initially, Chapel claimed that Tytan had cheated on her with her best friend, identified only as Fungai. She said that she and Tytan were now in an open relationship due to his alleged infidelity.

“From today, Tytan and Olinda are in an open realtionship. He is allowed to go out and chase skirts wherever. I’m giving him a hall pass and don’t want people to be surprised if you happen to bump into him with other women – he has a pass,” said Olinda

Later it came to the fans attention that the two had finally called it quits. Tytan released a statement which read: "Our relationship had sadly ended due to a catalogue of events that took place in July 2019. I will be able to talk fully about the full details of the reason why our relationship has ended after the completion of police investigations and various legal proceedings.

I am receiving support from a strong legal team and domestic abuse services. I would kindly ask that my family, friends and the public bear with me as I go through a very challenging and trying season in my life. Please keep Olinda, myself and Nandi in your prayers.”

Stating that she was saving herself from the stress of having a new partner.

She added, “I can’t be jumping around from relationship to relationship.”

However in October 2019 Olinda reportedly said in a caption that she missed her enstranged husband, Tytan and put up a picture of him on her social media platform. The post has since been deleted.

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