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Rapper, producer, singer, songwriter and poet Sizalobuhle 'Msiz'kay' Nkomo has been a household name in the Zimbabwean music scene for almost a decade and continues to improve his craft.

With a number of achievements and highlights along the way, he lets us in on his secret to success, his influences and more.   

When and how did your love for music and poetry begin?
- I started writing poetry back when I was in secondary school and then somehow those poems took on a life of their own and turned into music by the time I got to High School around 2000. However, I finally got to record my first song in 2010 when I had linked up with Tha Vyrass who was my first producer.

You’ve been in the industry for years now, how do you remain relevant and consistent?
- My greatest strength is that I self produce most of my music since 2014 and that has helped me to work at my own pace when I work on my music and also I get to set the direction in which I want the music to go. That way I deliver a more refined and original product.

Speaking of products, your latest album 'Bayashiselwa' is out, how is it being received?
- My latest album Bayashiselwa is being well received. It's playing on radio stations countrywide and the feedback from the fans has been amazing on air as well as online and offline.

Your biggest musical influence?
- My biggest musical influence is the late great Joe Maseko, the man who taught me music production. Also, I listen to a lot of music from both local and international artists and that, too, greatly influences music.

One word to describe your music journey?
- Exciting.

Two things your fans do not know about you?
- Most of my fans would probably be surprised to know that I stay in Magwegwe and that I'm addicted to coffee, it's how I stay up and make all this amazing music.

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As a musician, what is the one thing you would want people to remember you by?
- I would love to be remembered for the message in my music, stories that stay relevant and touch people for generations to come.

What has been the greatest highlight of your career?
- I won my first award last year, Best Metro Urban Song for Inkomo Zamalobolo at the Skyz Metro Fm music awards and earlier this year I got to perform at the National Arts And Merits Awards (the NAMAs) and had one of my songs Made In Africa from the Bayashiselwa album used as the theme song for the event. Also got to work with the one and only Sandra Ndebele on a song titled Engikuzwayo which features in my latest offering Bayashiselwa.

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