Moonchild Sanelly Praises Izangoma Zodumo

The nation is divided on this sacred practice being TV

By  | Oct 15, 2020, 12:22 PM  | Moonchild Sanelly  | Top of The

Have you seen the show that has South Africans up in arms? Izangoma Zodumo premiered on Mzansi Magic a week ago and it has alreadt been reported to the boradcasting claims commission and petitions have been signed. If you are not up to speed the show follows the lives of traditional healers and a lot of people believe this practice is sacred and can not be put on air for entertainment as this is very disrespectful to traditional black culture.

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Well some people like Moonchild Sanelly are here for it. Moonchild goes on to say she knows a lot of young sangomas who behave the same way these ladies do and the backlash is just because it's on TV for the world to see.  

However rapper Gigi Lamayne says she is disappointed by the show.

Last week, Ntsiki Mazwai also shared similar sentiments to Gigi, after the premiere of the series, Ntsiki posted a 2-minute clip where she bashes the show for disgracefully depicting black people as damaged for making a mockery out of their traditions.

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