Misred: 'What does influence mean in Zimbabwe?'

Twitter debates who is an influencer

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By definition, an 'influencer' is someone who influences another. It is that person who has the ability to influence the masses into buying a product or service by promoting it on social media. Misred had asked her followers 'what does
influence mean in Zimbabwe?'

Many of the responses mentioned a few local celebrities who people think have an influence or are the perfect definition of influence.

Here are some names mentioned in the responses:


Genius Kangungure is a businessman, trendsetter, philanthropist and the chairman of Piko Trading Holdings. His success is an inspiration for many, however many have disputed the assumption that he is an influencer and say he is just a great success, not influencer. Despite having giving back to his community, many think that does not define him as an influencer.


The young politician seems to have some votes in support for him being mentioned in the list. He encouraged fellow Zimbabweans to try and forgive the late Mugabe. Even though not everyone will agree, his political influence can be a platform for him to make changes and influence citizens.


Despite many having taken offence to having some pretty influential figures in the country listed in the same list as the controversial dancer Bev. They cannot doubt her influential dance moves. Seeing how many youngsters imitate her moves. In simpler terms, she influences the way most people dance hence, her being mentioned in the debate. Not many seem to agree!


The woman who started this conversation Misred , has been mentioned more times in the twitter debate when she convinced/influenced  Econet Zimbabwe to give back data to people which they had stolen.Other influential things she has done was empowering women to take control of their bodies and not let others define that for them. There seems to be many who agree with her being mentioned.

Zimbabweans suggest that in the country people do not use words literally but  in the contextual context.

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Picture credit: Twitter (@iMisred)