5 Things We Love About MisRed

Beauty and brains.

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Her aura is hard to ignore and her loud and bubbly personality makes her one of the most loved and talked about personalities currently. 

The beauty is all over social media not only flaunting her looks and talent but is very opinionated on issues that affect the country. 

Samantha Musa famously known as MisRed, is a media personality who has been making mega waves in the local entertainment industry.

 Here are a 5 things that will make you love this dazzling presenter.

A conqueror 

She has been vocal about her past experiences that have shaped who she is today, MisRed, the most talked about media personality with a huge social media presence. 

She was in an emotionally abusive relationship in her younger days and had given birth to her first child at the age of 21. She then found herself in a marriage of convenience.

She had unfortunately watched her dreams crumble before her. 

Not many celebrities find the courage to speak up about their personal life experiences, however for MisRed she has been speaking out and women find comfort in seeing they are not alone in such situations. Making her an inspiration to many women as she is living her truth and dreams are certainly coming true. 

A hands-on mother 

Apart from being a radio and TV personality, social influencer, philanthropist, brand ambassador and events MC, She is a mother of two. She puts her family above everything else. Even though her tight schedule keeps her away from home, her number one priority is family. 

“My family comes first. I do my best to be a present parent.” 


With the fame that comes with being as talented as she is, so does the scrutiny. She has had her fair share of cyber-bullying and hatred spewed all over social media. However for the sake of her sanity, the personality had to develop thick skin and that has enabled her to encrypt her name in the hearts of women who face the same challenges daily. 

“It’s so difficult at times because I’m human and it does affect me a lot. But I’m learning more and more to sift through it.” 

She has become the ‘champion’ of self-esteem for women who are plus-sized by taking pictures that reveal her body and inspirational messages. Her aim is to keep the self-love alive amongst all women regardless of what size they are. 

She has embraced her curves and wears them with pride. 

Very political and vocal 

She is very vocal with issues affecting Zimbabwe on a regular. With the brains she has, she is not afraid to express her views. She does this whilst reminding people that she is proudly Zimbabwean.

She recently tweeted “Wanted to remind you today that we are equally entitles to the fruits of the land and so we must equally take responsibility to fix it as a collective! There is more power in unity! You are amazing, don’t forget that! #iAmZimbabweanFirst.” 


A pure talent 

Her accolades speak for themselves.

We cannot wait to see what the stunner has in store for us in the future.

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