Mixed Reactions On Mbuya Nehanda Statue

The president visited the site which is located in Harare CBD

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Zimbabwe’s first Chimurenga war icon Mbuya Nehanda will be getting a memorial statue in her honour. It is almost in completion and will hopefully be erected before 9 December. The creators of the statue are racing against time to reach their goal. The president Emmerson Mnangagwa visited the site which is located in the heart of the city in Harare yesterday and delivered a very moving speech.

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The Herald Zimbabwe reports that the president also visited the site which the statue is currently being carved, Nyati Gallery. He believes that the statue is the perfect commemoration for the hero who lost her life fighting for the country against colonialism.

“The issue is that if us, former freedom fighters don’t document our history and where we came from, the young generation will not know where we came from. So we should depart after making sure that we have recorded our history.

“Mbuya Nehanda led the war during the First Chimurenga and she led us when we fought during the Second Chimurenga that is why we are recognising her so that the young generation will know who led the war against the colonial regime,” he said during the tour, as quoted by The Herald.

He slammed naysayers who are not supporting the erection of the statue reckoning that religious people also idolize God. 

“Those who say that also carry crosses around their necks and pictures symbolising Jesus Christ. Why wear that cross? If they were not part of us, we would have told them to go back to their countries of origin.

“What is wrong with us recognising those who led us during the liberation war? We recognise Jesus Christ because he died for us and we are also recognising Mbuya Nehanda because she led us during the war,” he added.

Phillip Mukura who is the Director Actuarial Services, Ministry of Local Government and Public Works spoke proudly about the progress which was made, adding that people should be extremely proud of the fallen heroes.

“To Zimbabweans, this monument represents a way of celebrating our heroes. This monument represents Nehanda, the spirit medium, who played a crucial role in the liberation struggle that gave us the independence we celebrate today," the publication quoted him saying.

Social media users are not feeling the statue at all. Many are pointing out the fact that it does not resemble Nehanda, some are even questioning the funds used for create the statue. Here are some of the reactions:

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