Madam Boss Lands A Huge Gig

Congratulations are in order

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Madam Boss
Madam Boss really just keeps levelling up everyday, and we cannot be more excited for her. She has just announced a big new deal that she just inked, and her fans cannot keep calm. 

Taking to Instagram, she announced that she had just landed a deal with Mundi Awards. She is the new brand ambassador and the face of the awards. 

She will also host the show in Las Vegas on the 14th of May, alongside actor Ujams Cbriel. She thanked her fans, saying they really do the most and come through for her. 

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Zvinhu zvacho upto now handisikuziva kuti zvikufamba sei,” she wrote. “Ndichida ndisingade ndichachitaura chiringu ichocho on the day,” she continued. 

What great news for Madam Boss and her fans, and congratulations are in order! 
The comedian just returned from a grand trip to California, US. She shared the most enviable pictures of her trip to Hollywood, where she got to meet and interact with international celebrities. She also walked the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, taking pictures with the stars of some of our favourite American and global celebrities.

Just a few weeks back, the comedian took to social media to share pictures of her new tattoo. The ink, situated on her inner wrist, is a semicolon. 
Those who are in the mental health advocacy space understand what this means. But for those who don’t, a semicolon tattoo is used in the mental health community to represent a continuing story. 

It shows that the author of the story could have ended a sentence, but instead chose to continue it. It is the same in life too, and usually shows that someone who could have ended their life due to depression and other mental health challenges, triumphed over it and chose to continue. 

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Does this mean that she, too, has struggled with some of these issues? Well, we sure hope that all is well with Madam Boss. 

One thing is for sure – she continues to win and rise regardless. She started the year with a bang, bagging herself a National Arts Merit Award (NAMA), for the most Distinct Social Media Skits. As she took to Instagram to celebrate the win, we could not have been more proud of her. 
Anyone who has seen her skits knows that the win is well deserved. I mean, she always leaves us in stitches with her sense of humour, like with her recent skit on weed. Have a look below. 
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