Karim Lumumba Finally Laid To Rest

His family say their final goodbyes

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Karim Lumumba was one of Malawi's most-wanted fugitives, he fled Malawi after he was expected to appear in court for corruption, only to return in a casket. He lived a lavish life of parties and driving supercars, in South Africa and Zimbabwe where he was surrounded by rich friends who had the same knack for living the high life.

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Karim Cazal, better known as Karim Lumumba, was burnt beyond recognition after the horrific crash that took the lives of Genius Ginimbi, Moana and Alichia in Zimbabwe earlier this month. Karim's family confirmed that his remains were released with a Burial by Order which was issued by the authorities after they conducted DNA tests to confirm Karim's body. Karim's remains have reportedly been issued to his family after they had to wait a few weeks for the Malawian authorities to confirm who he is.

The four victims died in an accident that happened after they left Ginimbi's nightclub after a celebration of Moana's birthday party. Before they went out, he had taken to his Instagram to give a preview of what was about to go down.

“Guys, it’s time to go out, it’s gonna be going down. We’re going to Dreams (nightclub) in the next few minutes, it’s gonna be going down. It’s Moana’s birthday, we’re going to pop champagne, it’s gonna be champagne showers tonight, see you there,”

Karim was a fugitive from justice after he escaped justice from Malawi and was based in South Africa as he was answering a case together with former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo over-involvement in the cash-gate scandal, the biggest corruption scandal in Malawi’s history that took place in 2013. Businessman Lumumba had faced money laundering charges related to the scandal involving US$2.6 million before he escaped justice and was reportedly based in South Africa.

What a lot of people didn't know, until her sister Tatenda had an interview with Stewart Nyamayaro and gave him a few more details about the late Instagram sensation. It seems Moana was 6 weeks pregnant at the time of the accident. The sister goes on to say that Moana's boyfriend is in SA and she had told Moana not to go with Ginimbi but she decided to go with him which resulted in her death.

The family issued a statement to confirm that his final burial date will be on Sunday the 22nd of November 2020.


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