Kudzai Mushonga's Net Worth, Background, Business, Relationship, And Controversy

Ndege Boy is flying in money

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Kudzai Mushonga

Kudzai Mushonga is a Zimbabwean-born young millionaire known for his lavish lifestyle, his relationship with one of the most famous women in South Africa, and his fraud allegation.

Here is a look at everything you need to know about Kudzai Mushonga’s net worth, his childhood and background, his businesses, relationship and controversy.

What is Kudzai Mushonga’s net worth?

Kudzai Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau, source: Instagram

According to several online sources, Kudzai Mushonga’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 5 million.

Thanks to his millions, Kudzai Mushonga can afford a life of luxury that a majority of the population can only dream about.

He drives some of the most expensive cars around including Bentleys, Ferraris, Range Rovers and Rolls Royce.

In addition to his sleek cars, Kudzai Mushonga is also known for his appetite for private planes. He earned his nickname Ndege Boy for spending huge sums of money to buy private planes. 

Kudzai Mushonga’s childhood and background

Kudzai Terrence Mushonga was born in 1994 in Borrowdale Brook, Harare. Although not much is known about his parents, background and education, sources indicate that the young tycoon was born into a wealthy family and this background was an important foundation for becoming rich.

Kudzai Mushonga’s career and business

Kudzai Mushonga’s net worth has been mainly accumulated from the profits of his diverse businesses. 

He reportedly has investments in the transport and logistics industry in South Africa where he spends most of his time.

Kudzai Mushonga’s relationship

Kudzai Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau, source: Instagram

Since early 2021, Kudzai Mushonga has been in a relationship with South Africa’s actress- Khanyi Mbau who is 7 years older than he is.

The iconic lovebirds who appeared in the popular Netflix reality show- Young, Famous and African have been generating headlines since their relationship became public, and they continue to set sizzling relationship goals on a daily basis.

Both Kudzai Mushonga and Khanyi Mbau recently got matching tattoos of each other’s names. Khanyi’s name is tattooed on Kudzai’s chest while Kudzai’s name is tattooed on Khanyi’s thigh.

Besides their tattoo goals, the pair of lovebirds are also known to take exotic vacations in Dubai and they often share the cutest photos of them together.

Kudzai Mushonga’s controversy

Although he tries hard to maintain a very low profile, Kudzai has been involved in several controversies but perhaps his biggest controversial moment was when he was allegedly mentioned in a fraud case.

In 2021, allegations emerged that he had siphoned about $166,000 from a microfinance company in Zimbabwe in 2016 after he and his friends cooked bank statements and papers that purported they owned an airline known as Dream Air Company. It was later found out that the airline did not exist and by then he had vanished.

After keeping quiet about the fraud allegations for a long time, Kudzai eventually addressed the rumours. He denied the fraud and fugitive allegations and maintained that he had made his money through clean business.  
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